Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ay-Em Echoes

It's 4:00am, I've been awake since 2am.

And do you want to know why?

Last month my parents 'rescued' an old Beagle from the pound in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. A Beagle. 'Hunter' as he's named, hasn't made a sound since they 'rescued' him. In fact, the shelter told my parents that the dog must have had his voice box removed.

When my parents called and asked if they could come to visit me for the Easter holiday I immediately said yes.

After all, this will be the last visit at my house on Long Island since I am moving to Connecticut in a few short weeks. "Oh, please bring Hunter with you, Kage would love to have a visitor of his species.", I pleaded.

So, they drove here, 770 miles with 'Hunter the Mute Dog' in peace and quiet.

I have no freaking idea why everyone thought Hunter was 'mute' his entire life, but a miracle happened just yesterday: Hunter can make Beagle noises, very loud Beagle noises. And Hunter likes to choose 2am to exercise his newly found vocal abilities. And since I have packed up all unneccessary adornment, my house now has an echoing effect. Oh My Land.

Imagine, if you will, loud echoing Beagle howls. At Two-Freakin-Ay-Em. Oh wait, it's 5am now.....I want to kill somebody.


mofongoman said...

It's a miracle! Tell the buyers of your house the price just went up $10,000 and you will include the miracle powers of Long Island. AND please don't kill anyone; I would rather visit you in CT than in jail. AND the someone you might harm could be someone related to me.

Nadine said...

I don't know why miracles happen at such a time. I'm sorry, but thank you for sharing...that was pretty funny.

Enjoy the rest of your weeked. Hey have you had a chance to check out my new book blog?

yerdoingitwrong said...

OH yeah. Do I ever know what you mean. There are two of the cutest beagles you've ever seen across the street and when they get to howling.....are they ever LOUD!!!!!

Lala's world said...

oh my gosh, girl I feel sorry for you my ears are ringing just thinking about that noise!!!

Nadine said...

Teresa - thank you for your encouraging comments on my book really blessed me.

david santos said...

what a good work you have! thank you

Dawn said...

I love animals - in specific cases. But in this case, I think the act of murder would have been on Hunter. Sorry!! That was hilarious! I know it wasn't funny from 2-5 a.m.!

Looney Mom said...

LOL! Good luck with that. Love you girl.

Yellow Mama said...

Wow...the healing home for this pup! Perhaps we should pray for muteness...just during the night?!