Friday, April 24, 2009

Moral of the Story

I may have figured out the moral of yesterday's story.

First, last night on the way to our church financial class I asked Capt to turn around so we could go home instead. I've been fighting off some bug and didn't think I could sit through 1 1/2 hours of teaching, my head felt like it was about to explode. And he didn't have a problem with that.

Then, this morning I wanted to sleep later than my usual 5am, so he took the dog out and feed her before heading out to the base.

When I finally got my butt out of bed at 6:30, I went downstairs and there was a surprise.....he put on a pot of coffee for me....he doesn't drink coffee and I wasn't fully aware he even knew how to make coffee.

So, the moral of yesterday's story is this: It's all about give and take.

Or as SirNottaguyImadadsays:

If you love something, let it go. If it doesn't come back, hide it after you wash it next time.

Thank you all for the sage advice.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Remember when I posted about starting to make my loving husband tea every morning in an attempt to be a better wife?

Well, lately he's been commandeering my favorite OXO travel mug in the morning in order to enjoy said tea, which I lovingly make him, while he drives to work.

Moral of the story:

I'm not quite sure yet. But I sure do miss my mug.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thyme for more

As promised I will continue the spicy story that I'm sure has had you on the edge of your seats. But first:

Capt and I had a date last night. We went to Saybrook Fish House and had a wonderfully romantic dinner. I had The Poseidon Adventure, I thought it would come upside down but it didn't.

Then to Bed, Bath & Beyond to shop for the turntable. I apologize to all my Susan-named readers, I now realize that what I was looking for is a turntable, not a Lazy-Susan. I thought a turntable was something that you put your Beatle's Albums on, but I am dating myself here.

Anywhos, to get back to the main point of this most interesting story, here is what my spice cabinet looked like before:

I am not an evening person at all, I was very tired and not focused last night but here is what it looked like after I organized it:

Do you see that Fennel Seed? I've had that since my twins were born in 1980. I used to use it when my children were gassy. I would boil a few seeds in water and make tea for them to sip. I would then count, 1....2...3 and I'd hear - *BURP*- it worked like clockwork. I just can't seem to ever throw it out. (Maybe when I become a grandmother....someday....hello children, I'm not getting any younger here.) <-----that was my manadatory monthly plea, sorry you had to witness that.

And take a good look at the Domino Sugar'N Cinnamon shaker:

A few years ago I was food shopping with my daughter Jen and she nonchalantly grabbed this from the shelf and said, "Oh wow, I designed and drew this for Domino's and I didn't realize that they used it." (She was working for a company at the time so her work was not owned by her.) Of course I bought 5 bottles of this stuff. Then she pointed out jars of spaghetti sauce and olive oil that she worked on and designed, but I just love the duck wearing a sleeveless tee, striped shorts, water goggles with a lobster on its wing dripping wet the best. That's my Jen.

Now, just for fun, I'm gonna tag you all to show me what's in your spice cabinet.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thyme for a New Post.....

In my other life, the life I lived on Long Island, when I would get my tax refund the first thing I would do, after tithing, would be to buy something frivolous. Back then my tax refunds were substantial; the more faithful I was in tithing the more faithful God was in returning it back, and then some. So I would get myself a little something, like a massage, a day at a spa, take my sister's foster children to a toy store and let them pick out whatever they wanted; once I even took a cruise to Mexico. (Ouch, my head hurts just thinking about all the Margaritas I drank on that cruise.)

This past year has been different in many ways. I moved to CT relying upon a promised job which would earn me enough money, albeit less than my LI job, to live here in my dream home and be close to Capt, my husband now.

That did not work out and you all know the rest of that story. That was a trying year. And one of the greatest years of my life.

This year's tax refund has just been automatically deposited in my checking account. And even though it is puny in comparison (and, well, so was my tithing)to previous years I am so excited.

Tonight Capt is taking me to Bed, Bath and Beyond and I am splurging on a lazy-susan for my spices. I could not be more happier.

You see, I possess kazillions of different spices. I always have. I like to be able to sit in my kitchen and think of something I'd like to bake and have all the ingredients and spices available without having to take a trip to the grocery store. Which, by the way, is quite a hike when you live in this town.

The problem is that it is difficult to keep the spices in the same place on top of each other in alphabetical order, facing forward, without having them fall all over when I go to use them. I used to think my son, David, was to blame for my messy spice cabinet, he loves to cook and uses spices like an artist uses paints, but now that he doesn't live with me anymore I realize it is the spice fairies who come in when I'm not home and mess it all up.

So, I'm thinking that I need a lazy-susan, desperately, so that the spice containers will be more accessible. And I can't wait until after dinner tonight when we get to pick one up.

I'll even take a before and after picture for you tomorrow.

To be continued....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

His Majesty

This past Saturday we all took a trip to Long Island to meet up with my children and family. Mom and Dad came up from South Carolina. Even though the weather was horrible (rainy and cold) we all had a great time sitting around and just being together.

The trip home was long 2.5 hours. TheCodeMasterGeneral was unusually quiet, he wasn't feeling well. Then he told us, "I feel majestic."

Capt said, "Wow, I didn't know you knew what that word meant, good job with the volcabulary."

TheCodeMasterGeneral replied, "It means stuffy and can't breathe, right?"

We all just looked at each other puzzled.

Pookie was the first to speak up, "I think he means 'conjested', not 'majestic'."

And now that we all have caught TheCodeMasterGeneral's cold, we tell each other that we feel 'majestic'. I think it sounds a lot better than 'conjested'.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Joyce Meyer, my BFF


I have no excuses for not posting. None. But I do thank you for the emails and comments that you miss me and are concerned. I am fine, I guess sometimes I just get too involved in other things, like SPRING CLEANING and therefore lose my blogging focus. I started the cleaning on Saturday with my walk-in bedroom closet and it all went OCD thereafter.

Speaking of OCD, the past couple of weeks something has been gnawing at my spirit. I wasn't sure what it was but I kept feeling like there was something more that I should be doing, something different, something that I was failing at. I just couldn't figure it out. My husband even noticed it and was constantly asking me what was wrong.

He took me out to dinner on Friday night and as he sat across from me drinking his favorite Chinese tea it hit me. I asked him if he'd like me to get him a cup of tea every morning for when he gets out of the shower.

My thinking was that I'd be a better wife...that we would be more of a team working together towards a goal...the goal being, well, I'm not sure, but it seemed like this is what would fill the void I was feeling...the missing something.

As he raised his right eye brow (I love when he does that) he suspiciously asked me what is it that I want in return. "I just think I'd be a better wife if I brought you tea upstairs when I bring my coffee up", I reasoned. He doesn't have a morning beverage habit.

He then said all the right are a perfect wife, there's nothing more you have to do...blah, blah, blah. I was determined that something else needed to be done.

So the next morning I brought him tea. The next morning I forgot. Then yesterday morning we sat in bed together drinking our morning cup of coffee and tea and did something we never do in the morning, we turned on the television.

And Joyce Meyer was on. And she was preaching about that gnawing feeling that there is something else to be done to be a better wife. She told a story about how she grew a garden one year and made her husband clothes because she felt like it would make her a better wife. We watched with amazement because it seemed like everything she was saying was exactly what I had been trying to explain to him. Of course her garden and clothes making was a disaster, God has a plan for her to be who she is, the woman he created, not the woman she was trying to be because she thought it would make her a better woman.

The enemy gets into our lives and sometimes we don't even see it. I am fine the way I am, quirks and all. I like me. Capt likes me, he even LOVES me. There is nothing more I have to do to fill the void. In fact, there is no void, the enemy just wants me to think there is.

This isn't the first time Joyce Meyer has unintentionally spoken directly to me. There was a season in my life where I couldn't have stepped out of bed without hearing her because I was in so much pain. Pain that broke me. She was there to help me as I was built back up into the woman I am today.

She is an amazing woman and I have to believe that so am I.