Thursday, August 31, 2006


Last Friday (when I made the spaghetti dinner), my sister came over with one of her new foster children, Symone. Symone is 15 years old. She has been staying with my sister for 2 weeks. Everything out of Symone's mouth was Mariah Carey this and Mariah Carey that. Then she delighted us with a few Mariah Carey songs. She has a beautiful voice. She belted out, "Did You Ever Know You're My Hero" with perfect pitch and range. Needless to say, Symone adores Mariah Carey and wants to be like her when she grows up.

Today I was talking with one of my clients who loves me (at his wedding reception, he dedicated the first song to me....and his bride didn't even mind). His wife happens to work for Mariah Carey as well as a few other celebrities...she travels with them. Said client has agreed to speak with Mariah Carey and ask her to give something special to Symone....(and PookieBear since she loves Mariah too).

I hate asking clients, especially high profile ones, for favors. But a foster kid whose life, at best, is filled with dysfunction? I just had to. And it would make me feel so much better about it if it really happens.

Every child should see their dreams come true, especially children who have the misfortune to be born to parents who just don't want them enough, like Symone. Hopefully Mariah Carey does acknowlege Symone in some small way. I will keep you updated.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

4 Meme

Thanks to Liz at LooneyBin4sure, I'm doing this meme today:

4 Jobs I Have Had In My Life:

1 Button Factory worker. (I got in serious, life threatening danger from the illegal aliens for working too fast).

2 Certified Welder.....yes, true. When I graduated welding school I was immediately hired to build A-10 Fighter Jets. Check this out. 330 men in my department and cute little me.

3 Paralegal for the firm that represented Amy Fisher. Oh the stories I could tell, but I'd have to get all liquored up first before I'd speak a word about that whole story.

4. Paralegal for the top Matrimonal Attorney in my county, oh the stories I try to get out of my head every single night.

4 Movies That I Could Watch Over and Over:

1 Blast From the Past
2 West Side Story
3 Somethings Got to Give
4 Grease

4 Places I Have Lived:

1 LI, NY
2 LI, NY
3 LI, NY
4 LI, NY - Uggh, get me out of here already! Again, anyone want to buy my house?

4 Places I Have Been On Vacation:

1 Boston
2 St. Croix
3 Cozumel
4 Key West

4 Websites I Visit Daily:
1 LooneyBin4Sure
2 RockStarMommy
3 Mugwumpmom
4 Jennster

4 Of My Favorite Foods:

1 Avocados with fresh squeezed lime juice and kosher salt
2 Clams on the half shell
3 Fish, any way except fried
4 Jelly Donuts (And I ate one today)

4 Places I Would Like To Be Right Now:

1 In Connecticut
2 In my bathtub soaking in bubbles surrounded by gentle, slowly flickering candlelight.
3 Watching the sunrise over the Grand Canyon
4 Hanging out with Capt's kids because I miss them!

4 Friends I Think Will Play Along:
Who ever wants to do this meme

On Top of Spaghetti....

For the past month or so I've been craving spaghetti and meatballs. Perhaps it was because I was on the Atkin's Diet for 2 weeks, perhaps it was my longing for Sunday pasta dinners past. Whatever the reason, I just couldn't shake it.

The weekend before last, Capt came to visit and we made a big pot of sauce with meatballs.

Just before dinner I took out one meatball and tasted it. As I sat alone in the den eating it my daughter came in and saw me so she grabbed one too. As I was eating it I crunched down on 2 hard bits of something white. She found 3 pieces.

Capt came in. I asked him if he would taste one too, but I mentioned to him to eat it carefully and let us know what he thought. He found 3 pieces of hard stuff too.

Jen, being the type of person she is, asked for the receipt and called Stop and Shop to complain. They told her to bring the meat back and they would give her the money back. She told them that dinner was ruined and that she'd like to pick up two cooked chickens as well. Then she left with a few hot meatballs in tupperware. Jen's tough.

When she came back, she had my money back and two free chickens. Capt took us all out to a Chinese food dinner instead of eating the chickens. So we had chicken for lunches last week.

When we came home, I packed up the rest of the sauce and meatballs in tupperware and stored them in my refrigerator. They are still there, untouched.

This past Friday, I couldn't stand the cravings anymore, I woke up at 5am and put on a new pot of sauce and made meatballs. I invited a lot of friends and family over for dinner and we all had a great soft, spaghetti dinner, no crunchies. And it was good. And we were all satisfied. And it's all gone.

For a Jew, I've been told I make a mean sauce.

But here's my dilemma: There was no way I could have just thrown the first sauce out without it going bad first.....I'm sick like that. Now that it has been sitting in the refrigerator long enough to throw out, how do I dispose of the old sauce? I hate to throw it away in the tupperware, but how do you dump all that liquid in trash, what if it leaks? I've dumped sauce in the sink in the past, but that is too messy. A garbage disposal would work well, but I don't have one. Does anyone have a plan here?

I realize I'm a sicko for keeping the first sauce so long knowing it wasn't edible, but admission is the first step. I just could not bring myself to throw it out until now.

Monday, August 28, 2006


I just had the best weekend ever.

I can't even put it into words....that's how great it was.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Another Fuzzy Friday

And here's two more reasons why I can’t sleep at night....

Although I had purchased my house years before I met my former husband, it just wasn’t a “man”-type house. The garage was too small for a car and there wasn’t an outside shed for “man” stuff.

Now don’t get me wrong, my former husband didn’t even own a hammer when I married him. In fact, he didn’t even know anything about tools or fixing anything....yet when we got married he moved in all of the sudden we NEEDED a shed. So we purchased an aluminum shed. And he hired some real Italian guys come and pour the cement foundation...I remember being more than a little afraid of them, but they did a great job and I let the ex handle the business transaction. I stayed far away from the cement and the cement guys.

When the cement hardened, we hired a teenager to put the shed together. It came out perfect....a nice aluminum shed near our bedroom window for all the tools and stuff that we didn’t have yet. If I remember correctly - and I do - it was late August.

The first night of the shed erection we opened our bedroom windows to let the cool autumn air into our room. Ping-ping-PINGITY-ping-PING. Not only had he had decided to put the shed within 20 feet of our window, he also had it built directly under a very old oak tree.

Have you heard of the saying, "The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree"? Well, the acorn don’t fall far from the aluminum shed either!

Since then I've learned that acorns fall bi-yearly...meaning every other year, not twice a year. (Capt and I debate that concept sometimes.) And they start to fall late it is now.

Guess what.....this is the year that they are falling under my window all night long. Ping-ping, PINGITY-ping-PING....all freakin’ night long!

Lesson for you all: Don’t EVER build a shed under an oak tree. (They should at least put that in the assembly directions.)

And yet another reason I can't sleep:

I’ve never really had an alarm clock in my bedroom. I’m the type of person who wakes up whenever I tell myself to...sort of an internal alarm clock (but more because I wake up every hour.) Anyway, if I get nervous about having to wake up extra early for a very special event I just use the alarm on my problem.

Capt bought me a really sophisticated alarm clock last year. So sophisticated that the prerequisite for operation is a degree equivalent to NASA standards.....and I don’t possess such a degree. The damn thing goes off whenever it feels like and only if it knows I am in a deep sleep. Either a loud shrill alarm wakes me up from a sound sleep or loud, very loud rap music...I kinda prefer the rap music, if it would let me have a choice.

In addition, the colors on the LDD change constantly...all the colors of the rainbow....24/7. When the numbers and all the other blinking additions on the face of this clock change to yellow I wake up from the glow, much like a child shining a flashlight in your eyes. And as if that isn't bad enough, this alarm clock wears a clear sticker on the front that proudly states: Selectable LDD Color from the Rainbow - Super Loud Alarm.

Message to Timex: What have I ever done to you to deserve such torture? Whatever it was we’re even now. Leave me alone already!

Disclaimer: In all fairness to my wonderful boyfriend whom I apprechiate with my whole being, I picked out the demon-possessed alarm clock myself while we were shopping at Target one fine day. And now that I think about it I kinda put it in his cart when he wasn't looking or something and he wound out paying for it. Otherwise, he, being the electronic specialist that he is and having a compassionate soul, would not have knowingly subjected me to its venomous wrath.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


13 Sentences Why I Could Not Sleep Last Night:

1. For the past 3 nights the television in my bedroom turns itself on at 9:53pm; I wake up and shut it off but it takes me awhile to get back to sleep because having the tv turn on by itself scares the Bejeezus out of me. (Does anyone have a clue as to how this could be happening?) (Is my house possessed?)

2. When I finally fell asleep (at 11:00pm) my lovely daughter Jen, whose bedroom is directly under mine, called my cellphone.

3. I answered it thinking it was an emergency because everyone that knows me knows that I am fast asleep by 9:00pm each and every night.

4. The emergency was that she had received an email that was sent to her from a woman scorned in Tennessee about a man that allegedly stole some money from her and Jen wanted to know if I knew who this guy was....I had received the same email earlier and deleted it because even though I do know the man involved, it's not my business so I'm staying out of it.

5. At about 3am I started to fall asleep again but had to wake up at 5am to get ready for the day.

6. When I got back home from working out at the gym it was 7:40am and I decided to jump back into bed and get some more sleep; I figured I could wake up at 9am and still have enough time to get to work before 10am.

8. Just as I was falling asleep, my son, Dave, twin to Jen, knocks on my door.

9. He's been complaining that his clothes keep disappearing, this morning was no different....last night he laid out his clothes for today on other bed in his other bedroom (he uses 2 bedrooms).

10. This morning the clothes were gone! (Again, is my house possessed?)

11. Now I am baffled as to who is stealing his clothes, but it is happening, he's not crazy, the clothes are missing.

12. That was it for my nap.

13. I thought my life would be so much easier when my kids grew up....I was wrong, very wrong.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Welcome to my Sunday Morning

This past Saturday night I had set my alarm for 3:30 am in order to be awake to take my neighbor John and his children to the Islip Airport for their 6am flight to California Sunday morning. They were going on a cruise to Alaska from there.

This was no problem for me since I am a morning person and am my sharpest and nicest in the early hours. I love mornings.

I drove to John's house and got there at 3:45. The kids were excited and were showing me some of their new clothes and sneakers they got for the trip. We all loaded ourselves and the luggage into John's 8 seater minivan and left to pick up their pastor and pastor's wife, Jay and Lena (not their real names to protect the guilty), they were going on the cruise as well.

Jay and Lena are not morning people at all. In fact, I used to be close friends with Lena years ago and although we grew apart, I still vividly remember how she could not wake up before 10am on any given day. Their church services start at 11am each Sunday just to accommodate her.

Jay and Lena have a daughter, Lisa. Lisa works for me as a receptionist. She is supposed to be at work at 9am to start answering the phones. She can only get there at 9:30am, no earlier because she cannot get up before then. Up until 11am she is dragging herself around, we don't talk to her much until after 11 when she gets perky and is a wonderful person to be around. There have been many meetings with the firm's partners to discuss terminating Lisa because of her tardiness, but she honestly is the best receptionist that ever worked there, so we keep her and answer the phones ourselves until she drags herself in. She's that good.

So at 4:45am we all leave Jay and Lena's house and head out for the airport. We get there at 5am, one hour before their flight is scheduled to leave, hey whatever, it I were on the flight I would have been there hours ago. After we say our goodbyes, I get into the driver's seat and proceed to drive back to John's house to pick up my SUV. I can't wait to get back to the comfort of my bed. It's 5:30 and I get into my house, take off my shoes and grab my cellphone. As I am pressing the off button I think to myself, "I don't want anyone to bother me because I want to sleep real late this morning...maybe until 8" when it goes off.

It's John. "Theresa, this is an emergency. The plane is about to board and Jay forgot his passport. He absolutely needs his passport to go on the cruise. Can you drive to his house, wake up Lisa so she can let you in, get his passport from his file cabinet and get it over to the airport ASAP?" "Sure", I say and off I went. All I can think of is how Lena must feel. She's kinda high strung and easily upset. Knowing her I'm sure she was yelling at Jay right then and I'm sure she's creating a big scene at the terminal.

I got to their house in record time and started beeping my horn in the driveway. I found a screwdriver on the porch and used the handle to start banging on the window of Lisa's bedroom and the side of the house and front screen door. The dogs were barking and going crazy inside. I started screaming, "LISA, LISA, OPEN THE DOOR, IT'S AN EMERGENCY", to no avail. About 10 minutes of this and Lisa comes to the door yelling at me, "THERESA. THEY'RE NOT HERE!!!!" I scream, "JUST LET ME IN, I NEED TO GET YOUR DAD'S PASSPORT". "I CAN'T OPEN THE DOOR", she yells back. "Lisa, I know you're half asleep right now but understand that your parent's can't go on the cruise if I don't get the passport RIGHT NOW, so OPEN THE DOOR" finally she opens the door, I hand her my cellphone so she can listen to her mom try to get her to calm down and I make a mad dash to the file cabinet. All the time she is yelling at me and being very nasty. She was even cursing at me, but she looked like she was sleep walking while she was doing all this.

I find the passport, yank my cellphone out of her hands and run down the driveway and get to the airport by 5:50am. Jay is waiting outside for me so as I screech to a stop, I roll down the passenger's side window and hand it off to him.

Now you would think that Jay would yell something like, "Thanks T" as he's running back into the airport to make the best use out of the precious seconds he has.....but NO!!! He slowly leans over the passenger's side window rests on his elbows and starts talking, very slowing, "Theresa,..... my angel ....
of .....mercy,.....thank......" I abruptly interrupt him with, "JAY, GET YOUR ASS INTO THE AIRPORT" as I stretch out my arm back and forth like a crazy woman, pointing the way to him. I'm sure I committed some violation of the 10 commandments with that comment to the pastor, but what the heck?

Later on that evening I got a call from John and I wasn't about to answer it. Hey, you can't blame me, he could have been calling to ask me to fax something somewhere or even worse. But he left a pleasant voice mail message telling me that Jay got into the plane 30 seconds before they shut the door. And they are on the ship and having a blast.

Today I went to work and met up with Lisa. She could not stop apologizing to me for being nasty. I kept telling her I understand, that I know some people are cranky in the morning, but she was really upset and thought that I was mad at her. When it was time for her to leave work she meekly came into my office and apologized again, this time with tears in her eyes. I told her to stop it, don't mention it again and forget about it. This is what makes a good story to tell your kids someday....the time I yelled and screamed at my boss like a lunatic while she was trying to do my parents a big favor.

Now that I think about it, she did get to work earlier than usual, hmmmm, maybe there is a happy ending for ME after all.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Fuzzy Friday

Every now and then my wonderful boyfriend, Capt, sends me flowers. And he sends them to me at my office. He always uses ProFlowers and every single time they are the most beautiful flowers. And every single time the flowers last for at least two weeks, sometimes three. I love flowers. I love flowers in my office. And I love that my client's visually see them and know that there is hope for them too, that after the gut-wrenching pain of a divorce, they can find peace and love like I have.
Aaaaaaaahhhhhh. Yesterday he sent me lilies and irises.

That is one of the few things that has changed in my life as I get older - new found love.

This is one of the other things that has changed in my life as I get older - allergies. I never had allergies before. Now I'm allergic to melon and pollen.

Yesterday morning my eyes started watering and turning red. Later on they got puffy. After lunch my throat got all sore and itchy. The staff were concerned about me, that's how bad it was. By 7pm (I work until 8 on Thursdays, by myself) I could hardly breathe.

So yesterday I found out I'm allergic to lilies because when I went home I felt 100% better.

The receptionist got a surprise when she came in this morning, a vase of lilies on her desk. When I came in to work this morning she thanked me. Then she and two of the secretaries came running into my office with looks of horror on their faces and wanted to know how I was going to tell Capt that he can't send me lilies anymore without hurting his feelings.

No problem. He reads my blog.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Fellow bloggers, friends, family....

Prayer is needed for one of my favorite bloggers, MamaC-ta. She, like some of us, has twins, and those of us that have been blessed with them, know the trials and tribulations that come with raising twins.

So please, for the love of all that is holy, visit her today and join me in the dilema that only those of us with twins can truly understand.

Here's the link: MamaC-ta

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Robbed at Two-edged Sword Point

I remember when was in the midst of what I believed was the place that God wanted me to be. My former husband and I were in the "leadership" of a great "cutting-edge" church. We would attend what were called "Western Hemisphere Conferences" and meet other leaders from the same movement....they were so awesome and exciting.

The first conference that we attended happened to be the first one the movement set up and it was decided it would be in Montauk, Long Island, New York, not too far away. During that conference I experienced some of the most amazing touches of the Holy Spirit.

Even though the conference was 10 years ago, one experience vividly stayed with me to this day. I can't go into great detail, but a absolutely beautiful woman, about my age, had been in a horrible marriage, though she never let on. Her husband was not with her at the conference. For years I had had the sickening feeling that her husband was not the man he was trying to portray. I truly believe that he was more interested in young boys than his wife. I had even gone so far as to alert the leadership that something was going on, but I was given the brush off.

At the last night of the conference a word was given to this beautiful woman, "You have been robbed", that was it, simple and true. The word cut her like a knife and she was slain right there and then, spiritually gutted and exposed.

I had a dream about her later on that year. She was in a beautifully decorated house and me and a few of her friends went there for lunch. As we knocked on her front door, she quietly asked that we come in. As we opened the door we saw a beautiful banquet of food laid out before us and there was our friend nursing a newborn in front of the table. I watched as some of the food was still being prepared. What I saw was a powered substance being mixed with water and it becoming these elegant dishes, an "instant banquet". Her home was filled with love.

Our lives were like that, my ex and I, going from conference to conference, growing stronger together and towards the top of the triangle where God was in our relationship. Then it happened, gradually at first. Addictions entered our marriage. Alcohol (bam). Drugs (bam). Pornography (Pow). Gambling (POW). Affair(Slap). Each new addiction a physical and emotional blow to my body. The addictions happened to him, he allowed them, but it effected us both the same.

Our marriage ended. The injuries to my body and spirit healed. I moved on. And I am truly thankful that I went through it all.

Last weekend I was asked to be a part of the Women of Faith Conference in Hartford, Connecticut by being a part of the prayer team. 15,000 women attended. I felt an old familiar feeling and it felt great. A feeling like I'm in the right place again. It was such a blessing to be a part of something so much bigger than myself and my relationship with God again...if that makes any sense. I know that God used me to help many women last weekend as they came to us in the prayer room to seek Him, many of them broken, just for a little prayer.

Like my friend ten years ago, I too had been robbed of many things. God allowed me to be broken, like her, to be rebuilt, like her. But now, almost five years later, I feel like I've gained more than had been robbed, like her. I have abundant peace. I have amazing love. And I have joy. And I am starting to feel like I am in the right place in my life again.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Caution: Objects May Appear Smaller in Person

See......I own a bra that perfectly matches LooneyBin4Sure's template. (At least I didn't take a picture of me wearing it!) It was on sale for $5 and the most uncomfortable bra I ever have worn. I don't know why it came out looking so huge in the picture, but it's not.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Guess Who

Guess where I'm going on Friday and Saturday.........give up? Here.

Guess who was asked to be on the prayer panel and sit up front......give up? me.

Guess who feels so not worthy, so out of touch with praying for people and who's a little excited about getting back into the swing of things......give up? Yeah, you're right, me.

So can I get a little prayer?


I knew I could count on you.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Survey Says:

There have been so many great taglines offered that I'm having a hard time choosing.

YewNorkBabe - Start Spreading the Muse
YewNorkBabe - I may mix things up, but I look good doing it.
YewNorkBabe - If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere.
YewNorkBabe - Blogging from the Land of Confusion
Yew Nork Babe - The Theresa That Never Sleeps.
Yew Nork Babe - One Can Fran
Surviving in the Big Apple - No forbidden fruit here

Can we get a vote on this?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Help Wanted: Yew Nork Babe Needs A Tagline

When I first decided to become a blogger a few months back, I never realized how much fun it would actually be. I never realized that I could be myself, say whatever I felt like saying, expose what is in my heart, admit my short-comings and still be loved. And I never realized how much "stuff" lay dormant in the 20 or so years of being a single mom in survival mode.

I have made so many wonderful friends here and have learned so many things about child raising, relationships, food, rock and roll, dating, alcohol consumption..... Not only do I read Christian Blogs, but I read other great blogs as well and I learn a lot about the wonderful people in the world where I am a part of.

*Ahem*, *cough* *cough* fellow bloggers, I am ready to take the next step in our rrrrrrrrrrrelationship. *Whew* even in blogland commitment is a scary thing.

I have begun adding to my profile, movies I like, books I read....stuff like that. I've even figured out how to link some of the many blogs I read daily (thanks to Liz).

But I can't seem to come up with a good tagline.

If anyone reads FlipFlopMamma they know that she petitioned ya'll to help her with a tagline. And you gave her some great how about it?

I attempted a tagline yesterday, as you can see, but it just doesn't cut it.

Does anyone have any ideas for a tagline?

Tagline Definition from Wikipedia: A tagline is a variant of an advertising slogan typically used in movie marketing, commercials, and websites. The idea behind the concept is to create a memorable phrase that will sum up the tone and premise of a film, or to reinforce the subject's memory of a product or website. Some taglines are successful enough to warrant inclusion in popular culture, often becoming snowclones.

Examples of famous movie/television taglines are:

Alien - In space, no one can hear you scream.
Jaws 2 - Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.
Love Story - Love means never having to say you're sorry.
Star Trek - To boldly go where no man has gone before.
The X-Files - The truth is out there.
Alien vs. Predator - Whoever wins... we lose.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I Just Had to Find Out

Considering my boyfriend's comment about me on yesterday's blog and his constant complaining about me not communicating with him through any other means except this blog (don't forget he lives 156 miles away), I decided to take a highly sophisticated, indepth, true and accurate quiz to find out, unequivocally, if I have a problem with communication.

And the results are:

You Communicate With Your Ears

You love conversations, both as a listener and a talker.
What people say is important to you, and you're often most affected by words, not actions.
You love to hear complements from others. And when you're upset, you often talk to yourself.
Music is very important to you. It's difficult to find you without your iPod.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Fuzzy Friday

I will be house sitting for a neighbor in two weeks. He has a large house and a pool. Last night he called and asked me to come over to show me how to take care of the pool.

Well, that sounded like a good idea.

It wasn't.

When I got there, he offered me a strawberry daiquiri. ...yummmmmmmy. Hey, I had to be hospitable, right? Let's all say it together, "WRONG".

Anyone who knows me knows I CAN'T HOLD MY LIQUOR!

So, One tiny weenie strawberry daiquiri and I'm all "two sheets to the wind" (I know it means "drunk" but I never got the two sheets part, where did that expression come from?)

So I never learned how to take care of his pool and I never helped him re-write his nerdy Yahoo Personal Ad with some un-nerdy stuff like I promised. Instead I jumped into the pool and floated around on a floaty lounge chair and watched the stars....I think that's what I did, it's still all a little fuzzy.

Right now, ouch, my head hurts, ouch, my hair is matted onto my face, ouch, and my mouth feels like I ate cotton balls for a mid-night snack, ouch.......and I have to pick up my neighbor, Diane, and go to Curves in a few minutes.

Strawberry Daiquiris = Bad.

[And if anyone in Blogland knows of a Christian Single Woman anywhere in the world over 30 that wants to date a Christian Widowed man with 2 wonderful teenagers let me know, because I can't think of anything cleaver to write for his profile right now.]

Shh, one small request: any comments today must be in lowercase....thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Two Cracks in One Day

Just so you know, I have permission from PookieBear to write this story.

On Sunday I left my house at 4:30 AM to take a trip to see Capt and the kids in Connecticut. One of the reasons I leave so early in the morning is because I love to watch the sunrise over the mountains out there. The other reason is because I can't sleep anymore so I might as well start driving. I am a morning person. A veeerrrrry early morning person.

The previous Friday I got a frantic call from PookieBear. Her town had just experience a horrible fast-moving storm. It's devastation was enormous. The winds were tornado-like, the lighting hitting directly in front of her, trees blowing down on her driveway, the neighbor's house burning down from lightening, they had to sit in the hallway away from windows until the storm passed, the loss of electricity and water and -horror of horrors - they couldn't pick up the pizza they ordered from Rosini's because the road was blocked by a tree!

Poor dear, she sounded like her adrenalin was pumping a mile a minute. What a scary experience. I wanted to run right over and hug her....with one arm....a pizza would be in the other.

When I got there two days later, it looked like a tornado had hit their little block. It looked like autumn.....except the fallen leaves were green.

One of the first things PookieBear wanted to do before going to church with me was to walk down the block and show me the house that got burned down. Capt insisted on coming along. He had just read my post about him and wanted to prove to me that he wasn't all that "hot" like I wrote, that, in fact, he was an uncouth redneck. Capt always has his hair just so perfect, his clothes pressed...he's like that.

So the four of us took a walk, me in dressy-ish clothes for church, PookieBear with nice clothes for church, Boy in regular boy clothes and Capt with shorts on....nothing else.....not.a.thing. His hair looked like it hadn't seen the business side of his brush all week. He hadn't shaved or taken a hot shower in a couple of days, due to the power outage.

I asked him if he really was going outside like THAT and he said, "Of course". In fact, as we started off down his driveway, he purposely pulled his shorts down to expose his butt crack, just to embarrass us a little bit more. PookieBear, laughing, quickly asks me if I'm going to put this on my blog. "Of course", I replied in kind....but unlike Capt, I wasn't about to expose my butt crack.

So we went to see the house, Capt in tow talking to his neighbors who were getting into their cars all dressed up for church, him topless, barefoot, scruffy looking. Me, trying to not be embarrassed. It would be totally unacceptable to walk around like that where I live on Long Island. I have neighbors that put their makeup on just to bring the garbage out.....okay I do that, but there has to be others too.

We spent the rest of the day celebrating Boy's 9th birthday and had lots of fun.

But when it was time for the kids to get ready for bed, PookieBear started to get undressed in the livingroom and I turned around just in time to see her butt crack smiling at me as she yelled, "no one come in here"....ummmm, too late. It was a two butt crack Sunday for me....Oy Vey!*smacks her forehead*

Hey, check out my new template by Liz, isn't she great? Thanks Liz.