Friday, August 18, 2006

Fuzzy Friday

Every now and then my wonderful boyfriend, Capt, sends me flowers. And he sends them to me at my office. He always uses ProFlowers and every single time they are the most beautiful flowers. And every single time the flowers last for at least two weeks, sometimes three. I love flowers. I love flowers in my office. And I love that my client's visually see them and know that there is hope for them too, that after the gut-wrenching pain of a divorce, they can find peace and love like I have.
Aaaaaaaahhhhhh. Yesterday he sent me lilies and irises.

That is one of the few things that has changed in my life as I get older - new found love.

This is one of the other things that has changed in my life as I get older - allergies. I never had allergies before. Now I'm allergic to melon and pollen.

Yesterday morning my eyes started watering and turning red. Later on they got puffy. After lunch my throat got all sore and itchy. The staff were concerned about me, that's how bad it was. By 7pm (I work until 8 on Thursdays, by myself) I could hardly breathe.

So yesterday I found out I'm allergic to lilies because when I went home I felt 100% better.

The receptionist got a surprise when she came in this morning, a vase of lilies on her desk. When I came in to work this morning she thanked me. Then she and two of the secretaries came running into my office with looks of horror on their faces and wanted to know how I was going to tell Capt that he can't send me lilies anymore without hurting his feelings.

No problem. He reads my blog.


Looney Mom said...

Poor Capt. That is so very sweet to get flowers and hopefully he won't get his feelings hurt. Funny how you put that. I guess it helps to not have to crush him in person! HA HA!

You should post which tagline you decided on - your FINAL answer!

theresa said...

Capt doesn't let his feelings get hurt easily. He'll just have something else to tease me about when he reads my post. He's always complaining (in a teasing way) that the only way he finds out about me is by reading my blog. He's coming over tonight and I can't wait!

As for the tagline: "Start Spreading the Muse" is the winner. That was Rena's right?

Shalee said...

He can't get his feelings hurt for something you can't control. Maybe you could make things easier by sending something to him to let him know that you are thinking of him this time.

And your Capt. sounds like a keeper!

Dawn said...

I am allergic to all perfumes, and have lately realized that I am also allergic to natural perfumes - lilies, tulips, lilacs - very sad!

Paulette said...

That stinks, that you are allergic to the flowers. He is a sweet guy and I will bet he will try again with different flowers. Hope yall have fun together when he comes over.
Have a great day.

Lala's world said...

ah man I feel your pain! I was hospitalized when prego with my first daughter and everyone brought me flowers and the next morning my eyes were SO swollen and I was having trouble breathing....that's when I discovered I was allergic to flowers

MugwumpMom said...

Great ending. Such finality..."no problem. He reads my blog". LOL.

Bummer you're allergic to lilies 'cause they smell so nice!

Came home last night to a dozen long stem red roses on the counter...heart went skippy, and I thought, WOW!...but alas, they were for BooBoo. Hubby needs to start taking lessons from a certain 20 yr old boy.

Monica said...

Gotta love getting older. Sometime after my last major bout with eczema, I developed an allery to dairy that only affect my lips if it touches them. If it's screwing up my insides I still can't tell.

But I'm glad Capt. paid attention in Significant Other School and learned how much sweeter flowers smell when they are delivered to you in front of the whole world.

My husband does Edible Arrangements to mix it up a bit. (Hey Capt. Try that one sometime!) Oh, and personalized M&Ms is still my all time favorite. I didn't share them either!