Tuesday, August 29, 2006

4 Meme

Thanks to Liz at LooneyBin4sure, I'm doing this meme today:

4 Jobs I Have Had In My Life:

1 Button Factory worker. (I got in serious, life threatening danger from the illegal aliens for working too fast).

2 Certified Welder.....yes, true. When I graduated welding school I was immediately hired to build A-10 Fighter Jets. Check this out. 330 men in my department and cute little me.

3 Paralegal for the firm that represented Amy Fisher. Oh the stories I could tell, but I'd have to get all liquored up first before I'd speak a word about that whole story.

4. Paralegal for the top Matrimonal Attorney in my county, oh the stories I try to get out of my head every single night.

4 Movies That I Could Watch Over and Over:

1 Blast From the Past
2 West Side Story
3 Somethings Got to Give
4 Grease

4 Places I Have Lived:

1 LI, NY
2 LI, NY
3 LI, NY
4 LI, NY - Uggh, get me out of here already! Again, anyone want to buy my house?

4 Places I Have Been On Vacation:

1 Boston
2 St. Croix
3 Cozumel
4 Key West

4 Websites I Visit Daily:
1 LooneyBin4Sure
2 RockStarMommy
3 Mugwumpmom
4 Jennster

4 Of My Favorite Foods:

1 Avocados with fresh squeezed lime juice and kosher salt
2 Clams on the half shell
3 Fish, any way except fried
4 Jelly Donuts (And I ate one today)

4 Places I Would Like To Be Right Now:

1 In Connecticut
2 In my bathtub soaking in bubbles surrounded by gentle, slowly flickering candlelight.
3 Watching the sunrise over the Grand Canyon
4 Hanging out with Capt's kids because I miss them!

4 Friends I Think Will Play Along:
Who ever wants to do this meme


Looney Mom said...

Wow... I'm impressed with your resume.

And Amy Fisher? Whoa! That was a crazy one!

I totally love avocados like that too!

Very cool!

Lala's world said...

well anytime you get bloggers block just write about your work experience! sounds like you could write a book!

theresa said...


Yeah, avocados split in half, drizzled with fresh lime juice, gently sprinkled with kosher salt, scooped out with a spoon...pure heaven. Me thinks that's why I've gained a few pounds in the past 2 months.