Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Two Cracks in One Day

Just so you know, I have permission from PookieBear to write this story.

On Sunday I left my house at 4:30 AM to take a trip to see Capt and the kids in Connecticut. One of the reasons I leave so early in the morning is because I love to watch the sunrise over the mountains out there. The other reason is because I can't sleep anymore so I might as well start driving. I am a morning person. A veeerrrrry early morning person.

The previous Friday I got a frantic call from PookieBear. Her town had just experience a horrible fast-moving storm. It's devastation was enormous. The winds were tornado-like, the lighting hitting directly in front of her, trees blowing down on her driveway, the neighbor's house burning down from lightening, they had to sit in the hallway away from windows until the storm passed, the loss of electricity and water and -horror of horrors - they couldn't pick up the pizza they ordered from Rosini's because the road was blocked by a tree!

Poor dear, she sounded like her adrenalin was pumping a mile a minute. What a scary experience. I wanted to run right over and hug her....with one arm....a pizza would be in the other.

When I got there two days later, it looked like a tornado had hit their little block. It looked like autumn.....except the fallen leaves were green.

One of the first things PookieBear wanted to do before going to church with me was to walk down the block and show me the house that got burned down. Capt insisted on coming along. He had just read my post about him and wanted to prove to me that he wasn't all that "hot" like I wrote, that, in fact, he was an uncouth redneck. Capt always has his hair just so perfect, his clothes pressed...he's like that.

So the four of us took a walk, me in dressy-ish clothes for church, PookieBear with nice clothes for church, Boy in regular boy clothes and Capt with shorts on....nothing else.....not.a.thing. His hair looked like it hadn't seen the business side of his brush all week. He hadn't shaved or taken a hot shower in a couple of days, due to the power outage.

I asked him if he really was going outside like THAT and he said, "Of course". In fact, as we started off down his driveway, he purposely pulled his shorts down to expose his butt crack, just to embarrass us a little bit more. PookieBear, laughing, quickly asks me if I'm going to put this on my blog. "Of course", I replied in kind....but unlike Capt, I wasn't about to expose my butt crack.

So we went to see the house, Capt in tow talking to his neighbors who were getting into their cars all dressed up for church, him topless, barefoot, scruffy looking. Me, trying to not be embarrassed. It would be totally unacceptable to walk around like that where I live on Long Island. I have neighbors that put their makeup on just to bring the garbage out.....okay I do that, but there has to be others too.

We spent the rest of the day celebrating Boy's 9th birthday and had lots of fun.

But when it was time for the kids to get ready for bed, PookieBear started to get undressed in the livingroom and I turned around just in time to see her butt crack smiling at me as she yelled, "no one come in here"....ummmm, too late. It was a two butt crack Sunday for me....Oy Vey!*smacks her forehead*


Looney Mom said...

Just say NO to crack!


Lala's world said...

hahaha that is too funny! what a guy thing to do....prove his manlyness for ALL to see!!! haha

MugwumpMom said...

add his sense of decorum and humour and style to your meme list about him!
Sounds like quite the harrowing weekend for Pookiebear... traumatized by a storm and a butt crack. Get that kid into counselling!

theresa said...

She actually handled the storm very well, I'm really proud of her. She said that she will forever use that storm as a reference other storms by, so that she won't be scared of thunder and lightening anymore because that was the worst that will ever happen again. Pretty smart kid, huh? As for counseling, well, she's gonna need lots of it just for hangin' out with me! She is thin. The other day she was getting into her dad's car to leave for camp and when she saw her reflection in the car window she screamed that her butt was fat in the white capri's she was wearing.(she was only teasing her dad) Then she told him that she looked like she was 10 months pregnant (something I said a few days prior about myself when I saw a picture of me that she took) Poor Capt, he has his hands full with the both of us.