Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thyme for more

As promised I will continue the spicy story that I'm sure has had you on the edge of your seats. But first:

Capt and I had a date last night. We went to Saybrook Fish House and had a wonderfully romantic dinner. I had The Poseidon Adventure, I thought it would come upside down but it didn't.

Then to Bed, Bath & Beyond to shop for the turntable. I apologize to all my Susan-named readers, I now realize that what I was looking for is a turntable, not a Lazy-Susan. I thought a turntable was something that you put your Beatle's Albums on, but I am dating myself here.

Anywhos, to get back to the main point of this most interesting story, here is what my spice cabinet looked like before:

I am not an evening person at all, I was very tired and not focused last night but here is what it looked like after I organized it:

Do you see that Fennel Seed? I've had that since my twins were born in 1980. I used to use it when my children were gassy. I would boil a few seeds in water and make tea for them to sip. I would then count, 1....2...3 and I'd hear - *BURP*- it worked like clockwork. I just can't seem to ever throw it out. (Maybe when I become a grandmother....someday....hello children, I'm not getting any younger here.) <-----that was my manadatory monthly plea, sorry you had to witness that.

And take a good look at the Domino Sugar'N Cinnamon shaker:

A few years ago I was food shopping with my daughter Jen and she nonchalantly grabbed this from the shelf and said, "Oh wow, I designed and drew this for Domino's and I didn't realize that they used it." (She was working for a company at the time so her work was not owned by her.) Of course I bought 5 bottles of this stuff. Then she pointed out jars of spaghetti sauce and olive oil that she worked on and designed, but I just love the duck wearing a sleeveless tee, striped shorts, water goggles with a lobster on its wing dripping wet the best. That's my Jen.

Now, just for fun, I'm gonna tag you all to show me what's in your spice cabinet.


Theresa said...

I wouldn't dare show anyone a pic of my spice cabinet! It would reach out and slap me right now! I like a nicely organized cabinet, but I haven't found the time to clean and de-clutter this particular cabinet.

Your's looks very nice and I'm very proud of you for your late night work.

ThomasEU aka mofongoman said...

Maybe if you threw out all the outdated spices you wouldn't have needed that Lazy Susan [oops, turntable] but keep on cooking! Your always hungry FiL.

Staci said...

oh lord you dont EVEN want to see it.


I think thats soo cool that your daughter did that drawing....awesome!!

Anonymous said...

This post is spicy! LOL

Sue said...

Gee, I hope you didn't think I was offended by my comment about the Lazy Susan ;-) (I think I'm just sensitive because I can BE a Lazy Susan sometimes - lol) All in fun :-)

Your new spice "turntable" looks Fab! I have one too but my spice cabinet looks a little less organized even with mine. I'll have to see about putting a pic up of mine ;-)

Enjoy your spicy new cabinet ;-)

Heather Kay said...

Very nice, such a fun way to make cooking more enjoyable. I love your daughters design. I would definitely be drawn to that. The tag is on my blog.

RR Mama said...

Looks good! I wouldn't show anyone my spice cabinet. I have OCD tendencies and it's way to neat for even my liking!

chili pepper said...

Your turntable takes me back to growing up in my mom's kitchen. She had an avacado green one just like it. I can't tell you how many times I took everything off of it just so I could put it all back on. I used to love to whirl it around in moments of boredom. I wonder what ever happened to that when we moved...

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Sweet! My wife already posted and said no. Who am I to argue with her.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Why is so hard for women (myself included) to throw out things in our spice rack. When my mother died, I went thru her spice cabinet and found things with price tags on them. Do you know how long it's been since they actually put price tags on the groceries! Some were so old, I displayed them as antiques on top the cabinet and others made their way to the trash. *sigh* It was a rough job but someone had to do it. Pretty cool that you can buy your daughter's artwork at the grocery.

Lala's world said...

my hubby reminded me today about the state of our spice cabinet (well ALL cabinets really!) as he tried to find the salt, knocked 5 spice jars to the floor and broke the butter dish..... I think I need more than a turntable! but you are inspiring me to DO something about the state of the cupboards!

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Looney Mom™ said...

My spice cabinet could probably use a turntable. And surely there must be something in it that I've had for years. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

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