Tuesday, April 14, 2009

His Majesty

This past Saturday we all took a trip to Long Island to meet up with my children and family. Mom and Dad came up from South Carolina. Even though the weather was horrible (rainy and cold) we all had a great time sitting around and just being together.

The trip home was long 2.5 hours. TheCodeMasterGeneral was unusually quiet, he wasn't feeling well. Then he told us, "I feel majestic."

Capt said, "Wow, I didn't know you knew what that word meant, good job with the volcabulary."

TheCodeMasterGeneral replied, "It means stuffy and can't breathe, right?"

We all just looked at each other puzzled.

Pookie was the first to speak up, "I think he means 'conjested', not 'majestic'."

And now that we all have caught TheCodeMasterGeneral's cold, we tell each other that we feel 'majestic'. I think it sounds a lot better than 'conjested'.


Sue said...

How cute is he! Hope you're all feeling better soon!!

Get well wishes abound!

Sue said...

Hi again... Theresa, if you follow the link on my blog you can find some really cool backgrounds for your blog. I think that one is from Scrappin' Blogs but The Cutest BLog on the BLock has cute ones too!


Smart Mouth Broad said...

That's so cute and so funny. We have lots of inside joke words in our family. Newcomers never know what the heck we are talking about.

Dawn said...

That is really funny - I think I'll majestic from now on instead of congested.

Thank you so much for your kind comment today!

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling majestic too. Are you to blame for this freakin majectic crap?? *wink*

I hope you feel better soon. Now I've got to run get my magnifying glass because that family postal stamp...uhm...I mean, picture is way too small for these old eyes to decipher.


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I love it. My daughter once said she was "ravishing" when she was hungry. I think she was looking for the word "famished".

RR Mama said...

Glad you had fun but hate that you got sick! Feel better soon.

Heather Kay said...

Being majestic takes a little bit of the sting out of congestion!

Hope your all well soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you're all majestic - get better soon - then come visit me I left a little fun tag for you on my blog. Hugs!

Auntie, aka Dog Girl said...

hey girl,
i miss you in twitter!

it's so cute what kids will sometimes say. i hope you will take the time (and who has time?) to write down what they say. in years to come, your notes will bring a smile to your face!

on my dog girl blog, i've written down what the midget says when he "edits" the language. it's funny!

take care, and enjoy this lovely weekend.

The Farmer Files said...

LOL precious siblings.

eda said...




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