Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Passover Moment

I just got back from a sedar dinner at my Aunt's house. My cousins were all there with their spouses and children. It was an amazing night of reading, Hebrew singing and eating lots of Kosher Passover food. The meal lasted three hours and the little children all sat there excited about stories of Passover. It was adorable.

Whenever I get together with my Mom's side of the family for holidays I think about Jesus and how he must have done these same traditions, sang these same Hebrew songs and danced the same dances. The traditions don't change. And the stories don't change.

For many years I felt awkward around my cousins because I was raised Christian even though I am Jewish like them. I thought of myself as an outsider in their 'family'.

Now I feel stronger about who I am and I realize that most of the uncomfortableness had to do with me and not them.

It was a really interesting and fun night though.

Just before dinner started, my cousin nonchalantly told me that he just spent 6 million dollars on a new violin. FOR REAL. SIX . MILLION. DOLLARS. ON A VIOLIN. As he is telling me this my mom, aging, frail and grey-haired, bend down to tie his shoe because she noticed that his laces were dangling off the sides of his expensive, imported, Italian leather shoes. I had to laugh, because just for that minute he was my mom's cute little nephew and not the man who developed the Euro and became a multi-millionaire.

Damn, I wish I'd brought my camera with me. I wonder how much he would have paid me to keep that photo out of the papers. Probably not 6 million. But probably close.


Lala's world said...

ok I still can't get over your cousin!! oh my gosh!!

ok getting over it....well trying too

I have felt that often as I have grown up...that people and situations where I thought THEY were the odd ones or something in the end was just me!

Morning Glory said...

Seriously?? He really developed the Euro?

Theresa said...

Yes, he had something to do with the idea and the development of the Euro. He is extremely intelligent and wise. Last night, for the first time in a long time, he actually looked happy.

Now I can't say, "he may have millions, but he's not happy".


Morning Glory said...

Well, I'm impressed. Are you also related to royalty somewhere?

I hope your move is progressing ok.

Nadine said...

I've been to a sedar dinner before totally cool.

BTW can your cousin adopt me? :)

MugwumpMom said...

Does he play violin?

Sounds like you have a wonderfully diverse and interesting family.

You commented that you were getting snow on Easter. We had snow here on Monday!! Crazy.

Looney Mom said...

How cool to be in touch with your roots. I'm glad you were able to do that.

And does your cousin share? He should. You know, cuz that's what family does. hee hee