Thursday, April 12, 2007

Erin's Pain

Last night, or early this morning as it was, I awoke unable to fall back asleep. As I allowed myself to let stress get the better of me, I started thinking of all the obstacles that are in the way of me being at peace right now: the packing up of my whole house, obtaining the proper permits for things that other owners of my house should have gotten in 1970, removing my shed and its foundation, the loneliness of doing all of this alone, and my health issues.

I felt justified in feeling overwhelmed.

Then I opened my laptop, which takes up the empty space next to me in bed, and started looking at other blogs....which is something I do to feel connected to other people, especially when I get lonely.

Then I found Erin.

And I was humbled.

And I cried for hours.

Erin is a young married woman who recently gave birth to Birdie, a stillborn child, after a full-term pregnancy. Erin doesn’t believe in God. She did everything right during the pregnancy and during childbirth, yet during an emergency C-Section, Birdie died.

All of Erin’s hopes died too. And all she is left with is her empty arms and aching heart.

I know that God allows things to happen in our lives, that His plans may not ever been known. I know that His plans are always for good in the end.

My current situation pales to Erin’s situation and I feel stupid for whining about them and letting them interfer with my peace. And I thank God for giving me the privilege of having three healthy babies within two years.

I cannot even begin to imagine the loss and pain that Erin is feeling, especially without the support of having our Father to comfort her.

Please pray for Erin, that she might feel the love and peace that passes all understanding, that she has the strength to get through each day, that she may feel a touch of God.

If you’d like to visit Erin’s blog be warned, she has graphic pictures of Birdie and the photos capture her and her husband’s pain. Here's the link.


Queen of the Mayhem said...

That poor thing! I can not even imagine facing such a tragedy without looking to the Lord for comfort! Then again, I understand her anger....I think that is a natural part of the process. I hope she finds some peace!

Dawn said...

I posted about the subject of facing "junk" without the Lord just yesterday. I can't imagine. In light of all the people we're praying for because of our cyber connection, my problems seems small too!

Yellow Mama said...

I think we all have had that kind of reality check before.

I'm heading over to Erin's...smiles and lots of hugs to you!

yerdoingitwrong said...

Oh my goodness. I cannot imagine. I'm headed there now. AND I hear ya. My problems massively pale in comparison!!! =(

Nadine said...

I couldn't believe it. My heart goes out to them. Lord bless them and bring healing to their hearts.