Monday, April 09, 2007

My Family

Those are my children up there.

We've been trying to get together as much as possible these last few weeks. Soon we will be all live many miles away.

In a few weeks, Dave will be in China, Jen and Tom are moving into an apartment together on Long Island and I will be living in Connecticut.

I thought that I already went through the 'empty nest syndrome'. Now that I'm moving away from them I can't actually describe how I feel.

This is sooooo weird.


Lala's world said...

you have beautiful children!

my parents just got back from China and my dad has his own blog now and posted a whole bunch about it! he is linked on my side bar!

moving away is tough yet our God will give you the Grace to bear it and new friends to help the void!

Nadine said...

Love the picture of your kids. Very sweet.

yerdoingitwrong said...

SUCH a sweet picture!!