Thursday, March 01, 2007

Maybe I Shouda Gotten a Flu Shot?

Has anyone else been sick?

I’ve had this bug since Monday night: fever, chills, no appetite, sleeping as much as I can, everything hurts.

I just feel blah.

-Just thought I'd share that all with you.


Looney Mom said...

Bummer. I'm so sorry you're sick. Alexis just had the flu and the two little boys have the chicken pox. Fun fun.

Dawn said...

So sorry you're sick!! I've dodged the bullet for everything that's been going around at work. I probably shouldn't even say that!

Loved your Works for Me yesterday - what a great idea. I'm always thinking of things I need to do when I get home, while I'm driving. I need to get a small recorder to keep track of all of those things. A mind is a terrible thing to lose!

yerdoingitwrong said...

I have been so lucky to miss all of the crud that's going around. Feel better, girlie!

Just Being Me said...

I hope you feel better. My whole house has been fighting ear infections, running noses and the like. Does it help to know you're not alone? I know it helps me.

Terri said...

I haven't been sick at all, but everyone I know has been!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog ...

It is such a great feeling to see your children grow up to be decent individuals!!
What more can you ask for?

I hope you get to feeling better!!

I'll be back by!!