Thursday, March 08, 2007

Here's The Answers:

On Tuesday I posted a meme stating 10 thing about me that could be truths or lies. Several of you tried to guess but only Morning Glory guessed that number 3 was a lie. Here are the correct answers and some 'splainin':

I once dated a Dallas Cowboy who got food poisoning on our first date and had to sleep over.

1. True.

Keith, a former Dallas Cowboy player, met me for a date after taking a ferry over from Connecticut. We shared an appetizer of raw clams and one of them didn’t look so good, so I left it. He insisted that I take the last clam, I told him that it just didn’t look right, so he ate it. An hour later we drove, in my car, to my house since he just missed the 8pm ferry and had to wait an hour for the next one. I needed to check on my young teenagers who were too old for a babysitter and too young to be left alone for more than a couple of hours. When we got into the house he started turning grey and sweaty. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look so ill. Sparing you all the details, lets just say he handed me all of his clothes from a crack in the bathroom door and I had to wash his clothes and give him a towel to wear. I had no choice but to let him sleep in my room, near the bathroom, and I slept in the livingroom. And oh was I the talk of the neighborhood that year! And that was our first and last date.

Once when I was sunbathing in my backyard, a squirrel came over and took a nap on my chest.

2. True.
When I was about 8 I used to bang two walnuts together in my backyard and all the squirrels would come running to me to get nuts. Animals love me. Years later I was sunbathing in my backyard with baby oil all over me (remember when that was okay to do?) and a squirrel just ran over and cuddled up on my chest to take a nap. Every time I tried to brush him off he would go to bite my fingers and I was very freaked out. I really don’t like any kind of rodents and especially don’t like them sitting on me. Squirrels give me the creeps!

I love shopping.
3. Lie.
I love getting new things, but I hate shopping. When I am forced to buy clothes, I usually go into a clothing store, grab a hold of a clerk and ask her to pick out whatever she thinks would look good on me while I cower in a dressing room. Last time I bought anything Capt picked out a navy suit and handed it to me at the was perfect.

Last night for dinner I ate a box of Red Hots.
4. True.
And had a huge migraine the next morning.

All living plants die under my care.
5. True.
I have two brown thumbs.

I cannot use a stapler correctly.
6. True.
No one can figure out why this only happens to me, but the staples never come out straight, they just crumple up. I use an electric stapler at work.

I am well known for having an excellent memory.
7. False.
I think I already suffer from Alzheimer’s. But my boss is worse than me and he thinks I have an excellent memory, hee hee hee.

I had a dog that assisted my cat in giving birth then helped raise new born kittens when she died.
8. True.
Krypto, a dalmation, was the kindest dog ever. The mother cat died a few days after giving birth and although me and my children took turns with giving them bottles, the dog took care of keeping them by sleeping with them under her and licking them. She also used to let the roosters in our backyard ride on her.
When I was 10, my best friend and I trashed a bathroom in a Christian Camp.
9. Sad but true.
At Camp Of The Woods, New York. We just got there after hours of driving with our parents and we just went wild with the soap and toilet paper. We felt horrible after we did it.
When I was young, a well-known doctor used me as a guinea pig to develop a cure for growth problems.
10. True.
There were a bunch of us kids that had growing problems, Turner’s Syndrome and Delayed Bone Age. The doctor fled to Tahiti to avoid law suits after some of the kids developed problems with their nervous systems.


Morning Glory said...

Rats! I was going to guess #7 along with #3, but changed my mind. #8 just sounded so far out. This was fun.

Monica said...

OK, that squirrel things is freaking me out. These animals are getting just a little too friendly for my taste, or maybe territorial is the better word. Maybe in heaven he'll come over to apologize for being so forward! :-)

I hear you on the shopping thing. I like new stuff. I love clothes. I hate to go to the stores and buy them. I hate window shopping even more though. I will at least tolerate the store if I have money to spend. I didn't used to hate it but when I worked 5 to 1 a.m. for my first job, I got used to being able t breeze in and out of malls during the days. Can't stand to go now. But I've taken to setting my cellphone alarm to let me know when I've spent an hour someplace because that is just too long. So now when I shop, I'm playing beat the clock! Hmm, but I'll have to start asking the clerks to shop with me. That may speed things along!

Dawn said...

I am so behind and missed the original post, but sure enjoyed the update. I am with you on shopping. Hate it!! I would much rather shop from a catalog and return stuff than go into a store and try stuff on.

The squirrel story is creepy!

Nadine said...

Man, did I get those wrong. Hey thanks for sharing the full story...I was really curious. You had me fooled.

Lala's world said...

wow you have led an interesting life! I had a miscarriage baby that ended up being turner's syndrom!

MugwumpMom said...

You have got to be just about the most interesting person I know..