Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I’ve been so stressed lately. The sale of my house is not going so well. And work has been insane.

All I can think of is taking a vacation to somewhere that starts with ‘St.’.

St. Lucia
St. Maartin
St. Croix
St. Kitts
St. Barts
St. Thomas

Just typing those names makes me all happy and peaceful.

I'm better now.


Dawn said...

I haven't moved for 28 years. The very thought of it makes me nauseous!! I hope things get better soon -

Two years ago right now we were in some of those St. places and I am very nostalgic. I've been playing the CD of the Romanian trio we listened to every night after dinner - what wonderful memories.

Oh, The Joys said...

Anywhere with a St. sounds good to me right now too!

Haven't seen you in awhile... just stopping by and checking in.


Nadine said...

I hope after the move is done you'll get opportunity to go and relax somewhere fun.

yerdoingitwrong said...

oh. Love it!! This list makes me feel better, too. =)

Yellow Mama said...

Here's my idea of moving. Leave...everything except pictures and a few items from g'parents, etc. In reality...I may say that, but probably what would happen is that I would wrap my body around enough stuff that I would still have to bubblewrap.

Would screaming around the house and running at full speed ahead help with the stress?

Theresa said...

Yellow Momma - I think you are telling me - somewhere in that comment - that I should wrap myself in bubblewrap and run, full speed ahead screaming? I think all the stress is clouding my understanding of your comment, but I like my interpretation nonetheless.

OhTheJoys - My laptop at home isn't working so I can only use my computer at work for the past week. Thanks for checking on me.

Nadine - I sure hope so, anyone wanna come with me?

Dawn - I was listening to a CD from one of my vacations to Atlanta GA this morning and having a God moment. I went to a Women's Christian Confernence with a few friends during a rough time in my life and it changed my life.

Yerdoingitwrong - Glad to be of help.

Monica said...

Boy do I hear you. I'll be cruising to some saints in August but it's a lifetime away right now.

I'm sorry the sale is goofing up. Here's hoping it improves quickly!

Terri said...

Hum... have you tried burying a statue of St. Joseph?? I think that's who is ... I'll ask mom...
and I think it needs to be on the east side.... we used to always bury a statue to help sell our homes.... we were always moving and always had good luck selling...