Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Marathon Babe

Lately every night I have a dream that I am running a marathon.
In the first dream I ran the 240 (whatever that is).
Other dreams I am running barefoot, in the dark, over rocks or on a track.
It's a recent, reoccuring dream that absolutely baffles me.......


MugwumpMom said...

perhaps you ought to ask God what He is trying to tell you? especially if it's re-occurring like that. Interesting..
I read once that if you are actually running in your dreams and not getting "stuck in mud" or going slow mo, that you're achieving your goals..but if your going slow mo or whoever is chasing you is catching up, then it's an "I need to escape or flee" thing...haven't a clue if it's true..the only dream interpretation I trust would be Holy Spirit's.

great2beme said...

I think you are running towards what you think life should be or maybe out of life. I have to tell you that your blog name hit me as really great because when I was a kid I would tell mom that I was going to run away to Yew Nork and I had a suitcase under the bed forever and now that I think I should really run away and I actually too afraid. God help us. :) Don't fret the dream enjoy the body you get doing it. LOL! Have a great day.

TheWriteJerry said...

I think God wants you to treat yourself to anew pair of running shoes...

Or He's just trying to remind you that life is a race to be run that is sometimes smooth, sometimes rocky - but no matter what, you keep running the race.

theresa said...


You're "write" Jerrrrr......I need to forget my circumstance and keep running the race!

Great2beme: I too, always had an escape plan when I was little, I think I started running away when I was 3 years old. And I wish that all this marathon running in my sleep would be a physical benefit, but alas....I'm still out of shape.

Barefoot Guy said...

I am a barefoot runner for real. It's the only way to go!!