Monday, June 05, 2006

Just Further Proof

It’s taken me about a month to be able to admit that I did this but here goes:

My hair had been taking on a life of its own, lighter roots, darker ends, red on top and all shades of browns....I’d been coloring it myself for a few years and it showed. A couple of friends of mine convinced me to get it done professionally at a local hair salon. My appointment was a Saturday afternoon. The colorist was a 21 year old. I thought she knew what she was doing, I was wrong, very wrong. When I walked out of there, my hair was black, all of my hair, one color at least, if you like stark black, but it looked horrible. I left in tears.

On my way home I decided to stop at the grocery store for my newest addiction, avocados with lime, juice. I’ve been eating them every day with kosher salt - scooping it right out with a spoon. Weird, yeah, but I’m on an avocado kick right now, and I was upset, I wanted my comfort food.

While I was walking back to my new white Nissan Xterra which I parked in front of the store, I let my mind wander, thinking about how messed up my hair was, how I was going to have the same problem, but worse, because now my roots were going to still be lighter than my hair, ten-fold now that the rest of my hair is black....I’m not going to color it black to compensate.....uuugggghhh. And why did I ever start coloring my hair? Oh yeah, I was turning grey.

I reached the White Xterra, open the door and proceed to climb in and oooooppppps.....there’s a man sitting in the passenger’s seat. A man with a cane. I looked at him and said, "Well, someone’s in the wrong car".

I felt like I was in a dream. I looked around and it was exactly like I left it, all new and everything.....all terrain mats, yup, this guys in the wrong car. He looked at me for a few seconds and said, "this isn’t your car". I believed him, because that’s the kinda chick I am, always believing someone else, cause I usually am wrong (ouch)...and I got out and shut the door. Then I walked to the back of the SUV to check the plates because I know my plates are "DO ME 69" or something very similar and NO they are not vanity plates, they just came like that. A woman was opening the hatch and said, "Oh my, this isn’t your car."

I still was confused until I looked over a few cars down and there it was, my Xterra, DO ME licenses plates and all. I got in it and sat there for awhile hanging my head in shame. Then I drove right in front of the other one before they drove away and waved.....I wanted to make sure they knew I wasn’t crazy, our cars are identical in every way and only parked a few cars apart.

Yet, I’m still the biggest ditz, I know it. You'll see.


MugwumpMom said...

I've done that!!! Ran up to a car, opened the door, jumped in and then realized it wasn't my pick up. Embarrassing sure...but heh, it happens. Nothing to be ashamed about. Also had someone do that to me. Was driving downtown along the curb, and had to stop in traffic..guess the little old lady thought I was her pick up, cause she opened up and jumped in...then when she realized I wasn't whoever, she got mad and told me I should keep my doors locked!! White Xterra huh?? Nice.

theresa said...

That's one I've never heard, having someone jump into your car.Yeah, the XTerra is nice, I have a client that owns the dealership so I got it really cheap. I really wanted it to hook up a pop-up trailer to....someday.....and do some traveling.

Shayne said...

Great...I love your transparency! Unfortunately...I'm not too far behind you. *sigh*

Peach said...

Thanks for stopping by today. I love your blog. My son thought it really was Yew Nork for about 3 years. We always loved hearing him say it that way!

I'll be back to visit again sometime soon!

EmmaSometimes said...

HAHAHAHA! Oh, I have DONE that!

I do my hair too (Sally's Beauty Supply ROCKS!!)

Monica said...

Had to stifle my laugh on this one since I'm at work. You are really too funny, Theresa! I couldn't make up a life as interesting as yours! Got to admit, never thought about something like that happening though I have lost my car in the parking lot a couple of times.

And the hair color? Girl, GO BACK THERE AND GET YOUR MONEY BACK OR COMPLAIN! Yes, you can do that. Did you ask for black? Let them know you weren't happy because for you it's more time in the chair but for them it's potential bad advertising and if they are worth their salt, they won't let you walk out unhappy.

Personally I've colored my hair once in my life just because my hair is off-black and I wanted to wear my own hair and have color. But I hated it. It felt dry so I'm glad it's all gone and I will continue to get my color change the way I like best - add it in! :-D Though I do have a few grey at my temples but I kind of like those!