Friday, June 09, 2006

Blogging 101

Tomorrow I was planning on taking a trip to the book store to look for a "Blogging For Dummies" book since I am new to this and don't understand enough to link and UTLMZ - whatever, I can't even remember the letters. That was my plan.....well, it was my plan after I did some food shopping, cleaning, vacuuming, etc, since I am a full-time worker and can't find the time during the week to do it all. (Oh, but I can find a few hours a day to blogg-surf)
While I was checking out my favorite sites early, very early this morning like this one (whoopppeeeee I linked for the first time!!!!!!) I found a new blog that she linked about things first bloggers should know.....and *drumroll please* here is that post taa daaa. I guess I'm not a virgin anymore, I've "linked".
From what I've heard, we all been having trouble getting comments and getting on to sites because of technical difficulties with the server these past two days and I just want to make it clear to you all:
'nuff said, I'm going to try to get back to sleep now. zzzzzzzzzzzzz


Looney Mom said...

Congratulations! Very cool. You know I'm a self-proclaimed Wannabe Computer Geek so if you ever need help with anything else let me know.

Oh that reminds me... I still owe Rena some help. :)

MugwumpMom said...

You're way ahead of me Theresa...I haven't figured anything out except how to put a new post and comment...mind you, been having too much fun posting and commmenting haven't even tried.

Monica said...

That's OK. I've been having trouble with posting photos. I can't wait to take a look at the sites you linked to. I can use all the help I can get too. Even with some basic html know-how, you can just never know enough, just in case blogger t'aint working right, as it seems to not be doing right now.