Tuesday, June 20, 2006


This is my daughter Jen. She's been playing with her food since she was able to sit in a high chair. Here she is eating a peach: Here is what she made last night while I was sleeping:
A peach, blueberry pie.......my favorite.......I just ate a piece for breakfast and it is delicious! Hmmmm, I wonder how many miles I have to walk later to burn those calories off.

It amazes me that she grew up to be a wonderful person with so many talents. She's an accomplished artist and runs her own graphic arts business. It seems like yesterday that she was on my hip (her twin brother on my other hip) and singing silly songs as we danced around the house.

Having a daughter is a wonderful and unique experience. There is a special bond unlike a son. Son's are special too, just on different levels.

If you have a daughter, in what ways does she amaze you?


Shayne said...

My daughter amazes me that she hasn't ran away from home. She amazes me when I look at her and I can see a flash of the woman she is becoming. She amazes me when I still see hints of the baby girl that she once was.

Man my heart hurts.

theresa said...

Shayne, I know what you mean....when I look at baby pictures of my children I feel like I miss them, like they disappeared without me realizing it. I had all three of my children within 20 months of each other, maybe that wasn't such a good idea since it all happened so very quickly.

Faith said...

My daughters amaze me by being such wonderful mothers themselves!!!

Overwhelmed! said...

I don't have a daughter...yet...but I sure enjoyed hearing about yours. :)

Care to email me the peach, blueberry pie recipe?! I love making pies! :)

My email is adoptive_mom_1@yahoo.com.


Oh, and I've posted a TT as well. Stop by and take a peek. :)

MugwumpMom said...

Hi Theresa....totally agree. Daughters are special. I love my son, and the day we get talking about the stuff BooBoo and I talk about...well, lets just say I have a hard time envisioning it, though it could happen! Your daughter is lovely. And I'm at work now too (saw your comment on Loonybin4sure)..you know you have a good blog when people at work sneak peaks during business hours!! Oops, someone's coming...gotta fly. Jus kiddin.

Monica said...

The fact that she is 2 and I can clearly see my stubborn streak in her and yet she is also clearly her own person. I never wanted a girl because I was afraid of having to raise myself and I didn't want her to have a mommy who couldn't do hair. God took care of the hair part. I've got at least 2 people who love her enough to do it and a beauty parlor full of stylists who laugh at everything she does. Raising myself, on the other hand? All I can do is try to prevent our relationship from turning into the one I had growing up with my mother - not the most affectionate kind - and keep striving to be the mom she deserves: one who can let her be herself and be willing to apologize for being me sometimes.

I'm so glad I have a daughter.

RSM said...

She's a very pretty girl! I can't believe you don't have her chained to the walls!

Looney Mom said...

What a beautiful girl you have there. She must look like her mommy!

It is different with boys and girls, but both special in their own way.

Mom Nancy said...

My daughter is her own person, even at 16. She doesn't follow fads, she had her head on straight and is completely devoted to her faith and made that decision on her own! She is completely trustworthy and sweet. I have a hard time believing that I raised this child. God must have had a hand in it!

Yellow Mama said...

I have two daughters. They amaze me because they suddenly do something unexpected to bring a tear to my eye. Like...for Mother's Day one of my daughters presented me with a power point presentation...I cried a lot. The one who will be discharged from the Marine and should be home in a few days, had her fiance send her a Mother's Day card which she in turn sent to me. I cried again. They both are so amazingly different, but wonderful to have around!

Oh, The Joys said...

Looks like I answered you without even knowing it!