Thursday, September 25, 2008

Magically Delicious, I Don't Think So

This past Saturday my husband insisted on going shopping with me at the Commissary.

Not actually insisted. Actually, not even close. But lets say he came with me because he was available and we didn't have any children with us. And I was going anyway. His eyes did roll when I told him that it was our next stop after Home Depot. We were at Home Depot at the time.

So he came with me.

It's really not considered kidnapping when you're married, is it?

It was the first time in his 25 years of service in the Armed Forces that he has been to the Commissary. I have been shopping there since I received my military ID because the prices and the men in uniform make the shopping an experience to be remembered.

Sometimes I get weak in the knees from all the low prices.

Or that could be because of all the Navy men. *swoons*

I will confess that I have always had a thing for men in uniform. I think my husband should come home in his once in awhile, but it's never happened in the whole two months that we've been married.

But I digress.

So we walk into the commissary and immediately Capt (my husband) goes nuts.


One of the first things he eyes is the breakfast cereal. He grabs a box of Lucky Charms, reads the price and throws it in the cart. "A dollar fifty for cereal? Wow, you can't beat that!", he says as he proceeds to fill the cart up with various other popular sugar-filled cereal.

Now, here's the strange part:

In all the years I have known Capt and his children I have never, ever seen any of them eat breakfast cereal.

When Pookie, age 13, wakes up on a school day she usually has two pieces french toast. Maybe once a week she will have a ham and cheese omelet.

When The Boy, age 11, wakes up on a school day, he ALWAYS has pancakes, made from scratch (as in butter milk, eggs, flour, etc.) along with yogurt, fresh fruit, four pieces of raisin bread toast with cream cheese, instant oatmeal with peaches and sometimes a breakfast sausage and more.

And just in case you have an image of a rather plump child - you are mistaken. The Boy is thin.

(If you have a child on ADHD meds, you understand.) The next time he will eat anything substantial will be right before bed.

On the weekends I make even bigger breakfasts for them. I don't eat a big breakfast, usually I eat oatmeal.

So, as you see, there isn't room for breakfast cereal in the schedule. And they have never asked for any.

But now we have 6 boxes of sugary and marshmallowy cereal in the cabinet above the stove, each for $1.50.

And I doubt that it will ever get eaten.

But, my husband is excited about what a bargain we got.

In the interest of actually saving money, which is the whole idea, of course, I will go alone from now on.


Theresa said...

I love to have the WonderHusband go to the store with me, because he is absolutely the best bargain hunter I've ever met! I CANNOT imagine what he would do if he were let loose in a Commissary!

If the postage weren't so outrageous, I'd buy those cereals off of you and have you mail them to me for my grandson. He thinks that he MUST have sugar-coated cereals when he comes to our house.

PEA said...

LOL loved the post! It's so funny that he would buy all that cereal just because it was so cheap...even knowing it will probably never get eaten! hehe BUT IT WAS ON SALE!!! lol xoxo

Dawn said...

I rarely let my husband go to the grocery store. He's dangerous! He is definitely not a bargain shopper. I can't imagine what he would do at the commissary!

Nadine said...

No it's not kidnapping but maybe he's just very smart. I let my husband go to the grocery store for me and gave him a list. Not a good idea. That was 20 years ago - I usually just go. Enough said.

Katie and Beau said...

Hi Theresa, I've enjoyed reading your blog. I love saving money at the commissary (except on payday, NEVER go on payday!) I also love buying "presents" for myself at the exchange because I feel like I can justify it by their inexpensive price! I am enjoying Newport so much...what is something you would recommend we do or a great restaurant to go to? Have a great weekend,

Butterfly Kisses said...

That is so funny that it was his first time in the commissary. You've created a monster. :-)
But $1.50 is a great price! :-)