Thursday, September 18, 2008


For me, blogging has been a great way to meet friends. Although, I've yet to have the opportunity to actually meet one of them face-to-face, I've had the pleasure of speaking to a few over the phone. And, of course, e-mail. And some via AIM.

I've meet some wonderful friends by blogging and reading blogs...friends who care, pray for me and my family, are supportive through the tough times and those who laugh at my silliness.

It's been a great outlet for me to vent and share the struggles of my life and the lives of my family.

There are times when I don't put a lot of effort into blogging and there are times when I do.

I'm not one of the 'popular blogs' - you know, the ones that get a whole lot of traffic, the ones that get invited on all expense paid visits to far away countries to 'live blog'....the ones that....well you know.

And that's okay with me. I've never been one of the popular people.

Even when I run into someone from high school I'm hardly remembered.

But college, well, I was big in college. I was 30 years old when I went to college, though I looked like I was 20. I had confidence in myself, I had to, I was raising 3 children as a single mom. I was so into being the best student possible that I made a name for myself and my professors knew me.

Anyway, I've been living in my new house, in this new state, since January. That's 9 months now.

And this is a very, very small town. And it has been difficult to adjust after living in fast-paced New York. And just going to get something from the local store is an hour adventure. And getting a hero from a deli, well, you just can't do that here. Pastrami on rye is just not done here.

I hope you are all sitting down for this one:

Fashion and fine dining is no big deal here either. And I love fashion and fine dining.

The women are very friendly and very busy getting their children to and from sports events.

And, well, I haven't made a 'best friend' yet.

But I think that's about to change because a few days ago I briefly met someone, Peggy.

Peggy moved to this town last month from NY. She's all about NY. She's having trouble adjusting to this small town, although, like me, she loves it here. She has twins, a boy and girl, just like me.

We are getting together for lunch on Monday and I'm so excited. I just hope, hope, hope that we are not sitting there uncomfortably, not knowing what to say.

My goodness, I feel like I'm going on a date.

I guess in a way I am.

And I'm a bit nervous.

I'm just hoping that it all turns out okay, because I could use a real live friend lives who here.


Dawn said...

I had a good chuckle about the mouse post - I'm behind again, I guess!

But I loved the best friend post - and I hope Peggy is a good candidate - sounds like you have much in common. I can't imagine what it must be like for you to go from the pace of NY to the tiny town life. But I know you'll be fine.

My kids are both going to college in their 30s. Kristen is doing hers on line, which isn't as satisfying, but works for her with her 4 kids and me taking care of them while she "goes to class." Kev is one of 4 guys in the social work classes - it's definitely a woman's world, unfortunately.

I'll bet it's beautiful in the fall where you are.

The Farmer Files said...

I had the same kind of experience leaving the Northern VA beltway outside of DC and moving to slow paced Hawaii. It took several months to adjust to the slower paced way of life. One day it was the new normal, and how in the world did I get friends? I don't know but it happened. It will happen for you too. Maybe, just maybe Peg has the same expectations. ;)

PEA said...

I can well imagine the culture shock when you first moved from the city to a small town but the slower pace of life must be wonderful! Just be yourself and I'm sure you and Peggy will get along just's always nerve racking to get together with someone for the first time, though. Just think of it...she's probably just as nervous as you are! lol xoxo

nancygrayce said...

Oh, I'm so glad for you and for Peggy! I'm way behind on my reading! I've got to go a few posts back to catch up! I'm not one of those blogs either....but I do love it and have met the most wonderful people here. Have fun!

Nadine said...

I hope it works out for you also. I think it good to have a friend near by. I pray that it is a match made in heaven.