Monday, September 08, 2008

I have the plague. And I'm under the influence of Heavy Duty Over the Counter Drugs....for grown ups! Usually, I take a children's dose of something and I'm knocked unconscious for 12 hours straight. I tried that this time but the plague just laughed and said,"Yeah right". So out came the big stuff, along with the hallucinations. The last thing I remember last night was Michael Phelps teaching me to swim the breast-stroke.

This plague started on Friday with a sore throat of epic proportions. A fever followed that had me hot and freezing cold at the same time. My husband said that last night the neighbors knocked on our door asking me to stop the snoring already....he kids.

I've been in bed for two days straight.

Even my famous 'Matzoh Ball Soup That Cures All' hasn't worked.

There is no way I can make it to work today, so I'm staying home.

Hopefully, I can reunite with Michael Phelps so he can show me some more swimming pointers or he'll introduce me to his mom.....I'm going back to bed now.


Nadine said...

I pray you feel better.

RR Mama said...

Matzoh Ball Soup...I haven't heard of any one else outside my family that even knows what the is! I love it by the way. I hate that you are sick. I hope you feel better soon. You must post about how you almost set your preacher on fire. If nothing else email direct. I must hear that story. In the famous words of just about every grandmother....drink plenty of fluids, eat my chicken soup, and get a lot of rest!
Feel better!!

Lala's world said...

hope you get better soon!!!