Sunday, July 02, 2006

Today's Dilemma

We went to the racetrack last night to see car racing, Capt, PookieBear, Boy and me. It was thrilling and very, very loud. Capt looked like an interested spectator most of the time but when police car demolition time came around, he was standing up and acting all rednecky....I had more fun watching him during that hour than I had the whole time.

They were visiting me this weekend. PookieBear (10) and I had our nails done at a VIP Nails (She insisted that it’s pronounced Vip instead of V.I.P. Nails, she is so adorable) and I got a full set of Pink and White (which, by the way, makes it difficult to type with), while Capt and Boy went to see a movie.

We had an early dinner and drove out to the Riverhead Raceway. A friend of mine is a racecar driver and he and his wife gave us the royal treatment. Boy got to sit in the race car. Unfortunately my camera battery died and I couldn’t take a picture of the most adorable awestruck little boy I ever saw! His eyes got so big I thought they would easily fall out of their sockets. And how would we have explained that one to his mom?

We were out very, very late.

They went to bed upstairs in my bedroom and I slept downstairs on the couch. But at around midnight they left....I’m not sure why. Boy got dressed and walked outside into his dad’s car and wouldn’t talk to me about it. PookieBear was crying and trying to write a goodbye letter to my children. Capt wasn’t offering much info, so I went upstairs and gave them two of my pillows so the kids could sleep in the car during the 2.5 mile drive home. I was half asleep so that’s all I remember.

Sometimes Boy is difficult to handle. He suffers from ADHD. He has an exceptionally good heart. The combination is baffling at times because he is so sweet and obedient. Maybe all the excitement was too much for him?

Not that I don’t care, but from my experience with Capt and his kids, I’m going to just let it go and wait until Capt is free to call me to explain why they abruptly left. There's no sense in trying to figure it out or obsessing over it (even though my daughter thinks it must be something I did. Hey, I wasn't even up there!)

Now as for me, I have the whole day to myself...and I’m going to enjoy it lounging around on my patio reading a book and napping. My only dilemma today is my folding lounger..... you see, I like to sit up and read, but as I get sleepy from reading I want to just put the book down and nod off, but in order to get the lounger down, I have to get off and fold in back and push it the other way, it ‘s not as much fun as just resting the book on my chest and nodding off, but hey, I’m still in my pajamas and it’s 1pm! How awesome is that? As far as I’m concerned, this is heaven because for today my life is simple and I’m going to enjoy it by vegging out.

update: Capt called, it was Boy's anxiety kicking in, he had to be home so Boy could be in familar surroundings to calm down. Capt sure has a lot to deal with and he does it better than I ever could.


MugwumpMom said...

Rednecky?? LOL.
Too bad about Boy but good that Capt called to explain.
Falling asleep of my favorite pasttimes! I list reading as a hobby, however, reading includes napping, especially on long, lazy Sunday afternoons! Glad you enjoyed yours.

Looney Mom said...

Oh what a dilemma, indeed. Glad you got to lounge around (with your pretty nails). We need that once in a while.