Friday, July 07, 2006

The Last Story About the Boxers, I Promise

Sorry everyone, I've been so very busy here at work and fighting a speeding ticket...I'll explain later.

It seems like I have lots of explaining to do about the boxer shorts incident.

Well, first, before I hung them up as a 4th of July decoration, I checked and made sure they were free of any holes and skid marks....thanks for asking.

The famous boxers belong to my daughter's boyfriend of 2 years. It seems they were going to the beach last week and he changed into a bathing suit, leaving them in her hamper. She washed them with some towels and that's how I found them in the dryer.

My daughter will be 26 years old next week, if she makes it, because right now I debating whether or not I would be aquitted for murder based on her not letting her dog out this morning before work and not putting him in his kennel which caused lots of pooping and peeing on my livingroom carpet. And, I'm not cleaning it up! (I stopped by my house during my lunch break) A jury of my peers would be sympathetic, I'm sure.

The good news is that (even though she doesn't know this yet) IF I let her live a brand new carpet WILL be installed - at her expense.

The way I figure, I got myself out of a speeding ticket in Connecticut Criminal Court yesterday (I was not going as fast as the officer said I was), why not continue one step further and try a murder charge?

Enjoy your children when they are young, 'nuff said.


Yellow Mama said...

Sounds like she has some carpet to replace! I'd stick to my guns...if I had a gun?!?

MugwumpMom said...

Glad the boxer mystery is cleared up. Will the next mystery be - where's your daughter, or where's her dog?
Maddening, those young adults of our who still act like children sometimes!
Enjoy your weekend. I'll keep my eye on the news. LOL.

Looney Mom said...

Ha Ha! They want pets, but then don't do what they need to and take care of them! I'm waiting for the kids and the dogs to be outta here and maybe we'll replace the carpet -- or just maybe we'll finally get a bigger house one of these decades. I suppose it won't matter much by then.

Michelle said...


Shayne said...

Boyfriend boxers and pet poop. Man, is she wracking up or what?