Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Why PookieBear Loves Her Connecticut Town

Hi this is PookieBear, Theresa's boyfriend's 10 year old daughter. I'm taking over Theresa's blog today and I'm gonna tell you some of the gazillion reasons why I love where I live so much:

1:It's a small town so everybody knows each other.

2:Everybody waves to everybody.

3:Our school is one of the best in Connecticut.

4:All the kids that go to my school play sports in fact I have never met a kid in my town who doesn't play a sport.

5:We have our own sports group called M.Y.A.L and my dad does a lot of the basketball.

6:All my friends live near me and we know where everybody lives and we know where every street is.

Hi everyone, this is Theresa. It's been a great vacation with Capt and his kids. Very busy and action-packed. Right now I'm making the kids breakfast and getting them ready for crazy hair day at VBS. Capt was up all night because there was a thunderstorm and the kids were up and down all night. I, as usual, was oblivious and had a great night sleep.

I'm so excited that Liz is redesigning my will be here very soon. Thanks Liz!!!!!

Please make sure you comment today, even if it's just to say "Hey" PookieBear is hoping for lots of comments.....thanks. Have an awesome day!


Lala's world said...

hey pookiebear, glad to hear you love where you live so much! those are all great reasons!!

and Theresa, ya have fun with the move too! I recently had the ephine that moving is like forget how horrible it is cuz otherwise you would never do it again!!!!
have fun vacationing! I just did the same before coming home and now the packing begins!

Looney Mom said...

Nice to meet you PookieBear! Your town sounds fun. Theresa is just always bragging on you and your brother. I know she loves you very much.

I hope you enjoyed your first experience with blogging. It's fun! Hope to hear from you again soon.

Theresa, I replied to your email.

mckay said...

*waving* !!!
"hi, pookiebear!!!"

most everyone in this lil ol blogville is pretty friendly, too.

nice post :)

MugwumpMom said...

It was very nice to meet you Pookiebear! Glad you're having fun Theresa and can't wait to see Liz's new design for you. Her blog is lovely!

Monica said...

Hey there, Pookiebear. I'm always the latecomer but I love my CT town too so I understand! Of course I didn't grow up here so my perspective is different but it's always nice to hear from a contented kid. Thanks!

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