Friday, September 22, 2006

How Not to Run a Hair Salon

Approximately 6 weeks ago I went to a new hair colorist, James, to fix the perpetual problem I have been having with my hair. The last time I tried to get it fixed I wound up with jet black hair and I’m naturally golden light brown.

James is a 23 year old straight kid who knows his stuff when it comes to hair coloring. He told me all about himself during the 4 hours it took to get things “right” with my hair. He is engaged to the love of his life, they are expecting a baby in 6 months, they just bought a house and opened the hair coloring business together, but she is having horrible morning sickness and can’t seem to get to work. James was working alone at his shop and was very busy.

While he was telling me his life story I pictured a happy life with a woman of a similar age to his just starting out in life and happily awaiting the arrival of their first baby....don't you? And I was thinking how nice, stable and successful he must be.

Then I went in for a touch up a few days ago.

James sits me down and there is some really heavy late 40ish woman starts yelling at him in a demeaning way from across the salon. This woman has a potty actually she would put a truck driver to shame with what was coming out of her mouth.

This woman, I will call Agnes, had long strands of black hair and very short strands of hair poking out all over the place. She was telling everyone, in a loud abrasive voice, that her hair melted when James dyed it the day before and that her hair used to cover her fat butt (her words not mine) and now that @#**&% of a @#**&% better put hair extensions in for her!!!!!

James politely tells her something and then it all becomes crystal clear......Agnes and James own the salon. Agnes, who has 4 bratty children already from all different fathers, whom she lost custody because of her pot smoking, is now pregnant with James' child. (I learned all this info as well while sitting there with hair dye in my hair scared out of my mind, by the way, that James will melt my hair off too).

Just then a woman comes into the salon, a woman who used to date Agnes' brother. Agnes tells her that her brother is now dating a 60 year old woman, "like 10 years his senior". And the three of them start laughing their butts off! Like this older woman who actually is 58, not 60, is wacked out of her mind for dating a younger man....HELLO!!!! what are YOU doing Agnes????? There's over 20 years difference between you and James!!!!!

My drama session gets worse.....Agnes and James have to tell this ex-girlfriend what Agnes' brother told them about her "down there parts". And she starts guessing obscene things.

That's when I chimed in, "Ummm, excuse me, I can't take all this drama anymore, could you wait until I leave in a few minutes to finish this conversation?" I'm not kidding, I really said that. And when my hair was done - and looking mighty fine - I paid and as I left they asked me if this was the most fun salon ever? I said, "I can't wait to blog about this place". Then they all started getting excited and said that they are going to get more publicity for the salon. I just smiled and left. They should only know.

And the most disturbing thing of all is that I am going to go back in 6 weeks because James is THE MAN when it comes to my hair, even if he most likely won't be "the man" in any other area of his life.....just sayin'.


Morning Glory said...

Oh my word! Is that for real? That place sounds like a bad movie set. What an experience -- but I'm glad you were happy with your hair!

Looney Mom said...

OMG! Insane. That's really scary. I sure hope it doesn't get worse over there. If she makes him nervous enough, he might make a mistake... "just sayin.'" hee hee.

Dawn said...

Pathetic! But it definitely makes for a good blogging story! Poor James. What poor choices!

Glad to hear that you know of Teen Challenge first hand. I'd love to talk to you about the counseling you did.

I'm planning the Nixon update next week.

Yellow Mama said...

How very sad. You always hear about abusive men, but she would fall into the category of abusive women. Is this the case of her having the $ and him having the talent?


Lala's world said...

oh my gosh that is just like totally bizarre! aren't you glad you have a blog to tell all about it???!!! you are so brave for saying something too!! and I totally get why you are going back!! cuz a good hairdresser is hard to find! and just think of all the posts you can write from your experiences there!!!

Lala's world said...

aahh it ate me comment!!

that is just too bizarre! but I understand why you are going back cuz a good hairdresser is hard to find and just think about all the posts you can blog about from your experiences there!!!

Lala's world said...

oh ok maybe it didn't eat my comment and I look really lame right now! hahaha

Monica said...

23. Enough said. I don'tmean to be age-ist and I'm sure some people think I am but I've said it before and I'll say it again - you don't know nothin' in your 20s. Clearly you can be 40, 50, ,or 60 and just as ignorant but 20s is still forgiveable to me.

I just hope poor James gets it figured out before it's too late. Sounds like he may feel he has to do it this way. Maybe for the sake of the child, maybe to have a shop he otherwise woldn't be able to own. Too bad you can't promote him without promoting the shop.

But from one hair fanatic to another - I'm SO glad you're hair is looking good! It is indeed a woman's crowning glory.