Wednesday, September 20, 2006


This past weekend PookieBear and I went shopping at the mall. I bought a set of hot rollers for her hair because she had gotten a hair cut with long layers earlier that day and I thought curls would look great. Well....I was right, she looks adorable.

Last night when I was speaking with her dad, I asked how her hair came out since I left before her bedtime on Sunday leaving the curlers still in for her to take out.

Capt said that he has been using the hot rollers on her hair every morning now.

I have a picture in my mind's eye that is just so adorable. And I smile everytime I think about this big, burly, manly-man that I love, curling his sweet 11 year old daughter's hair.


MugwumpMom said...

Ok, that's twice I've been all warm and mushy today. Blogland is a really good pick me up. I'm with you...that visual is completely adorable

Lala's world said...

that is a great visual! J took Morgan hunting last night and he was all concerned she didn't "really" enjoy herself and I said are you kidding??? at 12 years old she wants to be with you SO bad and it is a crucial time too! at this age I think if they feel rejected by their fathers they will try to find that acceptance somewhere else!

Monica said...

Isn't it great? My hubby has big hands and to see him getting the kids dressed and doing hair is just so sweet!

Your story reminds me of the one time I can recall my father picking my hair - back when I was like 6 or 7 or something and I had a big afro. I remember the green dress I wore and I have a picture that was taken that day. I look at my only very slightly crooked 'fro and think of my daddy.

Fathers are the best. (Grandfathers too.) I thank God I have/had such loving ones and it planted in me whatever it takes to pick a man of my own who is similar to the men who loved me as I was growing up.

Looney Mom said...

Oh that touches my heart like you just don't know right now - especially with all this stuff with alexis. Way to go Capt. It's true, little girls NEED their daddies more than they know and any little action like curling the hair will stay with her forever!

And T, thanks for being such a great friend! I want to thank you so much for your prayers, thoughts, and kind words of encouragement. I'm gonna try to work my blogging into my daily schedule so I can still visit my buddies - even if it's every other day! I'll still be around. You can get rid of me that easily!

Ruth said...

now I'M smiling too.

very sweet.