Friday, September 08, 2006

Family Time

My parents flew up here to visit today, they are staying until Thursday. Mom looks great....better than great....she looks marvelous!

We planned a few things so far. We are going to Tuxedo, New York tomorrow (Saturday)to the Renaissance Faire. On Sunday we are going to my brother's house for a barbeque. This is going to be a big deal because my brother has "issues" with us all. And although it is nice that he is having a bbq for our parents, it is very unusual and unlike him to be all "family". And being the "unusual" sister that I am, I've got a little something I'm cooking up in my head for the bbq.

We have been told not to bring anything, that he and my sister-in-law have the whole thing under control. Well that's just not good enough for me, there is one thing I'm gonna bring for dessert that has been on my mind since I saw it at the supermarket.

Last Saturday I was at Stop and Shop and out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of can with a Heinz label. I have never seen that type of Heinz label so I was more than interested in finding out what it actually was. I picked it up and this is what the label read, "Heinz Spotted Dick Sponge Pudding". Hmmmm....what actually is spotted dick sponge pudding....and why would Heinz actually sell it? What is it made of? Who actually eats it? What is spotted dick? If anyone knows me by now, they may realizes that I am a somewhat of a "sick chick", and you would know how much I have been haunted by these questions all week and that I. MUST. GET. A. CAN. OF. SPOTTED. DICK. SPONGE. PUDDING.

I have been so obsessed that I even did some research on the product and the little information there is I have learned that it is a delicacy of Britain, though I am still baffled as to what it actually is made of.

So this is my evil plan: I am going to buy a can of this British delicacy and since I am scared to taste it all by myself and I would like to share the experience with others, I figure I will bring it to my brother's bbq.

And as an added bonus, I will take some photos of my family eating Spotted Dick Sponge Pudding.

To be continued.


Looney Mom said...

Oh T. HA HA HA! You really ARE a little TWISTED, huh? I like you even more. That sounds rather interesting and sick all at the same time. Too funny. I look forward to hearing more...

I'm glad you're having a great time with your parents.

mckay said...

EVIL. i hope your sister-in-law doesn't have a hissy if your dick tops her flan.

have fun!! and good luck.