Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Lazy Labor Day

Nintendo: What an 11 year old girl plays while the rest of us fish:

Boy loves to fish:
My first visit to a covered bridge, this is where we went fishing:
You gotta love them, but I seriously think they were plotting against me here, "hmmmmm, you think an 'accidental' fall from that covered bridge would finally get rid of the Yew Nork Babe?":

I learned how to skip a rock, here's where I got them from:

That's all.


MugwumpMom said...

How many skips did you get? My record is 4, on a very smooth lake with a very smooth stone and a very perfect submariner type toss...doubt I'll ever duplicate the feat!
Looks like a lovely place. Are the leaves changing colour yet? That is one thing I'd love to see...we don't get that hear..land of the ever green and all that.

theresa said...

I got 2 skips on my 3rd try. That's good for me, I can't throw anything correctly.

I did notice that the leaves are slightly changing up there. Last year it was an amazing sight to see. I love Autumn up there. I'll post lots of pictures for you.