Thursday, October 23, 2008

Since August I've been without a dishwasher.

I haven't complained, but I am getting a bit tired of washing, rinsing and drying ever single dish and utensil.

Because of our budget, or lack thereof, I've had to stop getting my nails done. I've always had acrylic pink and white...I believe I might have been born with them on.

So, in order to protect my now thin, damaged nails, I purchased yellow rubber gloves and I've been wearing them to do the dishes.

After two months, my nails look worse then ever.

That is not the gloves fault though. My nails and cuticles look like they belong to a bricklayer, not a female paralegal from New York.

The thing with the rubber gloves is that every single time I go to put them on, they are laying on my counter in a rather insulting position.

If you lean towards the paranoid side, as I sometimes do, then you will understand how I could possibly assume that someone in my household was trying to tell me something every time I went to put the gloves on.

But after a brief investigation I figured out that it was me who left them that way.

At first I wasn't aware that I took them off by pulling on the middle fingers and then laying them down with the rest of the fingers folded in.

Hence, the unintentional insult.

So, if my stepchildren didn't think I was weird enough before I asked them if they were trying to tell me something while showing them the position of the gloves, they certainly do now.

And my husband took a look at my manly hands yesterday and told me that he insists that I get my nails done...even if it doesn't fit into our budget.


Nadine said...

That's too funny about the gloves.

I'm glad you're going to get your nails done. I mean the man insists, right? Go for it.

PEA said...

LOL...gloves that give you the finger...too funny! hehe I've never had a dishwasher and I never wear gloves so you can well imagine the shape my fingernails are in! lol Glad you're going to get your nails deserve it:-) xoxo

MugwumpMom said...

I can always count a good Yewnorkbabe blog marathon to make me smile, tear up, laugh, and feel thankful for cyberspace friends like you. Having just caught up on several weeks worth of your posts, I'm ready for bed all content that all is well with the world. Thank you!!

Dawn said...

Too too funny! I can just see their faces!

Kristen had to quit getting her nails done, too. They looked so good - I hope she can do it again someday soon.

Morning Glory said...

You have the greatest sense of humor! And what a sweetie of a husband. Now, run as fast as you can to the manicurist!!