Thursday, October 25, 2007

Oh My Land Have I Been Busy

But I have great news. And am in need of advice.

So where do I start?

How about with the good news?

Yesterday we (me, my sister and niece) drove my 26 year old nephew to Boston where he was scheduled for a battery of tests and a meeting with his neurosurgeon. (John has an extremely rare disease called Moyamoya). He is supposed to see his neurosurgeon every year but as he is getting older and his parents get busier and life just happens, (his dad just had a double lung transplant and is doing fine) everyone has put it on the back burner because John has been stable.

So five years have passed since his last Boston appointment.

And his mom, my sister, doesn’t drive off of Long Island.

But I do.

So off we went.

And, by the way, yesterday Boston was a very busy little town. It seemed like everyone there was wearing Red Sox apparel. Children’s Hospital of Boston is very close to Fenway Park. Very close. Traffic was at a stand still.

Mental Note: I should really start paying more attention to sports, even if it is only to forecast the traffic situation.

Note to Readers: I don’t like to watch sports, except basketball, that’s fun to watch.

John’s tests were supposed to start at 11am and the last appointment was scheduled for 4:40pm.

The hospital had mercy on us since we had a long drive ahead and let us see the doctor at 2pm. We got to leave Boston at 3pm instead of 6-ish.

Pure Grace!

The results are that John is no longer on the critically ill list. Praise God! There is no more damage to his brain. He is expected to live a long life.

It is a miracle considering the damage there is to his brain from numerous strokes.

As for your niece has been telling untrue stories.

All the time.

It’s getting to the point of concern.

She is 9, she is adopted, she has ADD and she is beginning to realize that she isn’t at the same educational level as other children her age.

Have any of you had a child that continuously lies?

If so, what did you do about it?

My heart just breaks for her.


Dawn said...

My son, the delivered drug addict, lied a lot. Much of the time I convinced myself that it was the truth, but not often. I have to say I didn't do very well. Lying to me is the worst. Not much help, I fear!

Nadine said...

Praise God about your newphew. What fantastic news. As far as your niece, I don't know. I've not had that problem, but I pray that the Lord give you wisdom. Sorry, I'm not much either.

nancygrayce said...

PTL about the nephew!

I have an addict son too who lies. I obviously didn't handle it so well, but looking back, I would just do things like if they come home often with stuff they "found" like money, and if they are always saying someone gave that to me....I'd start checking that out. If you have a consequence that works, use it! It is so much better to work on the problem at 9 than still be dealing with it at 37. :(