Wednesday, October 17, 2007

An Afternoon With The Elite

This week I had one of the wealthiest men in the world in my office.

Wealthy as in, Oprah and Bill Gates-ish wealthy. Close to that type of wealthy.

It wasn't that I was so much impressed with his wealth, I didn't treat him any differently than any other client going through a divorce, it was what he ordered for lunch.

After sitting in my office hammering out the final details of his settlement (5 hours) I heard his stomach start to growl.

I asked if he's like me to send someone out to get him lunch.

His eyes lit up.

So I rattled off all the possibilities I could think of that he could have from the area. Sushi, steak, Italian, Greek, Chinese.....

When the secretary came into my office to take his order he asked for a burger and fries from Wendy's, hold the pickle.

When she brought it to him, he devoured it with a passion and gusto, right there at the other end of my desk.

And I just sat back and smiled.

Oh, to be that wealthy and appreciate the little things in life.

(He even shared a french fry with me.)


Glo said...

Well If my rich uncle ever get out of the poor house(hee hee) and I get wealthy. I'll by you a hamb and your own fries non of the sharing. I meet Sam Walton once..very nice guy.You'd never know he had money. Have a great week. I'm going on a womens retreat with my church.

Nadine said...

That a great story. It is nice to know that rich people can be down to earth and just like us. Who doesn't like Wendy's?

Glo said...

Yes these are real bears on my blog. A family in Alaska built their kids the gym set and the next morning this is what they looked out and saw. This was from an email i received.

nancygrayce said...

Well, that was because when you're really, really hungry, there is just nothing like a Wendy's greasy burger and fries! Marriage in your 40's is deliriously happy. Sometimes just delirious!

Dawn said...

Love this story about the rich guy and "hold the pickles"

Do you ever get to Colorado to visit your brother?

Dawn said...

Me again - I just read your comment to nancygrace - now I'm anxious!

Becky said...

That is so funny. John Tr*avolta lives in my town with his family, and he has been seen many, many times at Denny's restaurant at 2:00 a.m. Seems it is his favorite place and to escape the throngs of fans he goes in the middle of the night. Imagine!