Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Because You're Dying To Know

Things around this blog have been pretty scarce lately. I haven't found the time to think about blogging much.

Since I've moved to Connecticut I haven't found a routine yet. Heck, I'm still living out of suitcases.

Hopefully I'll find a job in CT next year and my life will settle down.

Here's a Meme I picked up from Dawn.

My Blog name is: Yew Nork Babe

But people usually call me: Theresa, Aunt Terri, Babe

I was born here: Brooklyn, NY

And I've lived here: Wantagh, Levittown, Lindenhurst, Farmingdale, West Sayville, Bohemia, Sound Beach, Ronkonkoma (all on Long Island)

Until I wound up here: Connecticut (5 months ago)

My occupation is: Matrimonial Paralegal, Office Manager, Bookkeeper, Calendar Clerk. I'm also a Hearing Citation Officer in Connecticut, but that doesn't officially start until January.

My favorite color is: Green, but I'm starting to like blue and orange.

My favorite hobby is: Cooking and Baking.

My favorite season is: Autumn. Last weekend we took a trip to Maine and sucked in all the beautiful foliage.

A few favorite books are: The Time Travelors Wife. Middlesex. East of Eden. The Life of Pi.

My favorite kinds of music are: It is so varied I can't put my finger on it, but I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE NICKELBACK!!!! I love their deep, gravely voices and the way they write their songs. I just "get" them, even if I probably shouldn't be listening to that type of music.

Some of My Favorite Movies Are: When Harry Met Sally.

My favorite actor is: Meg Ryan

My Favorite Food Indulgence is: Avocado with lime juice and Kosher salt, but lately I've been liking me some chocolate (which I've never liked before).

My Favorite Drink is: Perrier sparkling water with lemon. Zero calories, no chemicals. I don't like flat water anymore.

My Favorite Dessert Indulgence is: Creme Brulee

One Weird Thing About Me: Oh my land, there are so many. I freak out whenever I'm driving in a snow storm because I can't see the sky, or the ground. I feel like I'm suffocating.

One of My Fantasies Is: To take a trip to the Grand Canyon and watch the sunrise and sunset.
One of My Pet Peeves Is: (Again, so, so many.) I don't like to look up bible passages when I'm being told to....I'd rather listen to the speaker read the passage(s) from his/her own bible. I know, I'm such a rebel.

Well, consider yourself tagged, if you'd like.


Nadine said...

That was a fun meme. I too don't look up passages in my bible on
Sundays. I like to hear the speaker (which is my husband). I'm the pastor's wife and I don't usually bring my bible...what does that make me? :)

Dawn said...

Thanks for joining the meme. That was fun! I haven't been over here lately and have missed a lot. I have a burning desire to see the autumn foliage in the northeast - we went to see Kev two years ago in MASS when he was in Teen Challenge, but were a week or two early, to our chagrin.

If you do get to the Grand Canyon someday, drive through Colorado and visit me!

Thanks for the tip on honey. Would that help for my horrendous perfume allergy? My grandson and my daughter and my son all have allergies to trees, bushes, etc., so I'll bet that would really work for them. Thanks!

Kate said...

Ohhh how I love me a sunrise and sunset. I went to New Orleans and the first thing my friend did was take me to the mississippi river to watch the boats, barges, and the sunset...the next morning I picked him up at 5 and we went to the French Quarter to watch it come up. The grand canyon would be incredible!