Thursday, October 18, 2007

Green Thumb

I did something this morning that I rarely do.....I went to a deli on my way to work to get myself some breakfast.

As I was standing in line, I recognized the ‘gentleman’ standing in front of me.

Which is not a good thing.

At all.

A few years ago my children set me up on a date with him, Jack (not his real name, not even close).

Our first date was nice and short. I remember we walked a lot.

Our second date we met at a restaurant and had a good time chatting about our children. His daughter and my twins are good friends.

When he got up to leave with me I commented to him on how he must have had a hard day because he seemed a little stiff.

He laughed and said, "Didn’t I tell you that I have a wooden leg?"

"Oh, ummmm, no, I mean....I didn’t realize....ummmm", was all I could think of saying.

Not that it was a problem, it was just a surprise since as I explained above, we did a lot of walking that first date. And I am clueless....most of the time.

The next day my son asked about my date and I told him that Jack was a nice guy and that I’d go out with him again.

Then he told me a story about Jack.

It seems that Jack likes to grow a type of plant in his home and he raised his daughter in an environment were smoking said plant was encouraged and shared.

So when he called me to set up another date I told him that I felt it was best that we didn’t continue further.

And he got angry.

And later on he found out the reason why I didn’t want to continue dating him.

And he threatened my son with something like, "If I ever see you again we’re gonna talk". And I doubt if he meant that in a nice talk way.

I was standing behind him a little while ago and he turned to look at me and recognized me. I just smiled and turned my head and thanked God that I have a wonderful son and a wonderful man in my life.

Unfortunately, I have a few of those 'bad date' stories.

There's one with a former Dallas Cowboy who got food poisoning on our first date and had to sleep over.

There's one where my date got very angry at me for not having pictures of my children with me. Whew, got out of there fast!

There's one where my date gave me a stern talking to for not finishing my dinner.

In my experience, dating in your 40's is not fun.

Until you meet the right man.

Do any of you have strange dating stories to share?


Sue @ praise & coffee said...

Oh girl! I have nothing compared to that.
I didn't date much, got married young. Still married.
Pretty boring, but after reading this, I'm ok with that! :)

Thanks for giving me a laugh!

nancygrayce said...

Oh, I have a few! One man, who in the poor guy's defense was very nice. My mother loved him...on our first and only date, we went to a very nice restaurant where he proceeded to tuck his napkin in his pants, under his belt. I just wanted to scream get that out of there. Another time I had one date with a man, when I got home I got in my car and drove to the grocery store at midnight saying my thanks that I didn't have to do that again. I hated dating. I'm so thankful that God put my husband right in my path, literally!

Nadine said...

I met my husband when I was only 16 and we are still together (almost 30 years later) so no I'm sorry I don't have any stories to share. I'm so sorry that it was so difficult for you. Isn't it great that now you have a great man in your life. God is good.

Becky said...

Oh, my! What a story! No, I am very glad to say that I have been married for 26 1/2 years so my dating is a long time ago, and quite innocent at that.

I do not envy your dating situation. That would be very difficult.

But I do admire very much your integrity in wanting to find the right man, and in raising your family with the right morals. That is even more difficult in this world I would think.

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. This is the first time I have seen you in the blog world.

I am going to go read a few more of your posts. I hope y'all have a great weekend.

Beck said...

Dating is just MISERABLE!
I'm married now, but I dated a few doozies back in my 20s - my favorite was the guy who kept comparing me to his ex-girlfriend (who was, according to him, "much better looking") and then tried to talk me into sex. Charming.

Dawn said...

Yikes! I am so glad you learned the truth about him early on! The wooden leg is the least of his problems.

I often say to my husband that I don't think I could ever date again. Glad you have the Captain in your life!

amusing said...

Oh, men!
I had a date where he wanted me to bring pictures of my kids. I thought that was creepy, so I didn't. Turns out it was to check out my DNA -- his ex had apparently turned his daughters against him (plus they were teens) and it seemed he'd decided he was just going to start all over again. First date and he asked me if I'd like to have another baby! (I think I was 45 then?)