Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Two Recent Conversations

YNB: I was up late last night watching a show where a man in his 30's was looking for a wife. The two last contestants were 25 and 48. The 48 year old was really hot looking. I hope she wins.

Female co-worker: Yeah, I’d love to be hot, but it just takes too much work.

YNB: Yeah. Me too.


Boy: What is this seltzer made of?

YNB: Water and carbonation.

Boy: What is carbonation?

YNB: Gas

Boy: How does the gas get into the water?

YNB: with a pressurized tool.

Boy: But how does it work?

YNB: Ummm, you’ll have to ask Dad, he knows all about that stuff.

Boy: Why would Dad know about seltzer?

YNB: He is an expert in gas.

Boy: Because he toots a lot?

YNB: No, because he is a fuel expert in his job.

Boy: Oh.


Morning Glory said...

What do you mean, we're not hot?? I AM hot -- only it comes in flashes now.

Ann(ie) said...

hehe. I love it. Too much work indeed. And I love everything in the cheese and chocolate families which is not condusive to hot.

Yellow Mama said...

We too have a gas expert around our house...an 8 year old boy...and as you might guess...he DOES toot a lot! Smiles and more smiles to you...