Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's Not That Green

I know that 99 percent of my readers are married women and really have no interest in this post about the single world.

Yet, it's my life. So there.

And as a side note: my daughter called me last night and told me that I have over 1,200 hits on my site each month. She knows this because my header is hosted by her website or something technical-ish like that. I am shocked and surprised, since I don't really feel like I'm at all interesting to all you married readers especially you'all with youngins. But, I thank you all for stopping by and checking out this site like that. If you let me know who you are, I'd like to stop by and say hi. No, not at your home; I'm not the stalker type. It just would be nice if you delurked and let me know you stopped by so I can actually see this for myself.


The story is this.

Last month I was taking the ferry over to CT on a Friday evening after work. I had a table seat, which is rare since the ferries are usually packed with families on Friday evenings and they send their spouses to run up and save tables while they park their cars.

I was resting my head on the table when a young, shockingly blue eyed, gentleman came over and asked if I would mind sharing the table with him. I didn't, so he sat down. He started a conversation and I could tell right away he was a player and was trying to figure out what it was I would like to hear him say (lie) about himself.

The conversation was mostly one sided (his) and whenever I could get a word in I would mention my boyfriend, my church and how I was a mother of three adults. I wasn't flattered that this man was flirting with me. (Well maybe a little, he was handsome after all.) I was mostly aggravated that he was trying to use me for something. It was quite obvious. It was an uncomfortable ferry ride.

About a week later my single friend Karen was telling me that she just met a man named Mike a week prior and he already asked her to marry him and he was babysitting her young children and they loved him. She told me that she finally met the man of her dreams and nothing could change her mind.

She was in LOVE!!!!!

As she told me more and more about him, I realized that he had to be the same Mike I met on the ferry the week prior. Some of the stories he was telling me were the same.

He was already borrowing money from her. He already stole all of her spare change in her truck. He already borrowed the truck a few times, each time returning it without any gas left.

Still, she couldn't see.

Until yesterday.

Now she is out of a lot of money, not to mention her confidence and some of her dignity.

So just for today, do me and Karen a favor. Please love on your spouses a little bit for us singles out there and thank God that you're not out there in the dating world right now. There are many men out there who prey on single women with children.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm not happy with my life, because I am very happy with my life. And I haven't had to date around since I met Capt. And I love him.

It's just that for some of us it's not so greener on the other side.


Monica said...

My goodness! Thank God she saw the light before it cost her something she couldn't get back! I've wondered what I'd be doing if I weren't married and it was just my son and I. I just figured I'd be hanging out with the girls when possible because when I did date, it sucked! I hated all that new beginnings/getting to know you crap. Can't say I miss it or would even be interested if something were to happen to my husband.

I know I don't know Karen but I know what I would say if she were my friend - slow down. Don't bring him home for a LONG time until after you are as sure as you can be. And no, 3 months isn't enough time to get to know someone. (But I'm old-fashioned that way.)

But on a brighter and very related note, I hopped on over to tell you you've been tagged! I'll let you figure out what that means. ;-)

MugwumpMom said...

Are you kidding? Visiting you via blogland is a highlight.

As for the player man - ugh!

Nadine said...

I haven't stopped by in a while, because I've been busy. My heart goes out to your friend. I'm sorry you both went through something like that.

I am very grateful for my husband and the great affection we share. I'm glad you found someone also. I pray that your friend would find a man of Godly character that would give rather than take from her.

Morning Glory said...

I honestly have not ever categorized you as a "single woman". It just somehow doesn't matter. I find your blog and your life very interesting whether you're married or not. The bottom line is that we're all women. It doesn't matter what the marital status is.

That guy on the ferry is a nut case, for sure!! I'm glad your friend saw the light.

Scarlet said...

You should stop by and read my post on Psychopaths.

Love takes time and I don't really believe in love at first sight. It's usually lust. With men it's hard to tell when they're in love because they will wait around for you (like a predator) and some will be so patient, they make you think, he wouldn't stick around THIS long if he didn't love me. Well, if he hasn't had sex in a while and he's playing you (and other ladies), he won't go anywhere. He'll wait, hoping you'll give in sooner or later. I know A LOT of men like this. More than the ones that stick around for the right reasons. It sucks.

Lala's world said...

oh wow that is brutal! talk about God putting you on that ferry so you could help your friend thru that!

everytime I see a hummingbird here, I think of you! just fyi!

Ann(ie) said...

Thanking God as we speak!!!