Monday, July 09, 2007

Like Father, like son.....

When Capt comes to my house and cuts the grass with the ride on mower its like a race car ride. Zip, zip all around the yard.

First he starts on the outer edges and speeds along until he gets to the middle. It takes about 15 minutes.

I find it very amusing to watch.

After Capt was done with the mowing yesterday, his son asked if he could vacuum my new oriental rug in den.

That was a first.

What 9 year old asks to vacuum? I really, really, really love that kid!!

He gets the vacuum out of the closet, turns it on and vacuums the same exact way his dad cuts the grass! No back and forth over the same spot. No. Not a son of Capt!

He started at the outer edge, pushing ahead and sped along until he got to the middle.

And.... it was quite amusing to watch.


Looney Mom said...

That's pretty funny. I would be amused watching that too.

Hey thanks for the compliments on my cakes. I would LOVE to go into business together. Too darned bad we live so far away. I think we would just be crazy together!

Love you.

Monica said...

OK. So you are inspiring me to MAYBE let go a little and let my tykes do a little more. I don't spoil them when it comes to work. Now way! But I admit I'm so controlling that it's hard to give up some things in fear of having to do it over the right way so then why give it up in the first place?

But as I took dishes out of the dishwasher this morning - something I don't use every day but often enough - my son tells my daughter, "It's not fair that mommy does all the work. She takes out the trash, she washes the dishes. We want chores too!" I assured them they would get their fair share of chores beyond their own rooms, though at the moment I can't get them yet to see the value in keeping their own stuff picked up off the floors. But when it comes to housework they seem to want to pitch in. My daughter likes to help with laundry, though her "folding" is my "balling into a big wad." I do need to loosen up. But I hate mess and extra work and it's just plain hard! :-)

Yellow Mama said...

Is that like Mark Twain's version of the whitewash fence? Sounds like you had a great team effort...

Dawn said...

My 9-year-old grandson asked if he could vacuum yesterday. He didn't have to say it twice, that's for sure!!