Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'll probably have to delete this after Jen reads it.

I’m working on a tiny amount of sleep here people.

And I feel myself getting cranky.

And I kind of like being cranky.


On Friday, right after work, when I went to pick up my grand dog, Kage.

I was the first human to enter my daughter and son’s apartment since they left for work that lovely, sunny Friday morning.

I’m sure they were trying to be overly generous to Kage by leaving him out of his kennel the entire day like they did.

He usually stays in his kennel all day until either one of my children come home from work. He’s used to it and actually prefers to stay in there.

The image of what I found laying there all strategically deposited and smashed into the carpet from one end to the other from said grand dog I will keep to myself.

You’re welcome.

I just let Kage out and we sat there discussing our day as we watched the sunset. It was a one-way conversation, as usual.

When Jen came home, Kage and I said our goodbyes to her and we high-tailed it out of there as quickly as our 6 combined legs could carry us.

As I shut the gate behind us, I turned and saw steam coming out of Jen’s ears. Her eyes looked like they were about to explode.

I remember a couple of times when she was a diaper laden toddler exercising her artistic abilities on her bedroom wall with its contents.

Pay backs and all.

She is an accomplished artist now, although her medium of choice has greatly changed. And, thankfully, are a lot less smelly.

Kage seemed fine all weekend, it was apparent that he wasn’t 100% himself, but last night (I stayed home from work yesterday) at 1am I went to check on him and he was listless and burning up with a fever.

We immediately rushed back to LI and arrived at 4:00am. Then I followed Jen to a 24 hour veterinary hospital. When we got there Jen decided to not go in and instead drove to her vet and waited in the parking lot until it opened up at 9am.

It turns out that Kage has a bug and will get better in a few days.

I realize a very important fact: I am way too old to pull all-nighters like this.

I think I could actually fall asleep standing up, if I actually had enough energy to stand.

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