Sunday, July 22, 2007

Is this Town Nuts?????... or Now I'd prefer to be called, "Madam Justice"

I can't decide on a proper title for this post.

I've just been appointed "Hearing Citation Officer" of my Town. I get sworn in tomorrow.

Yes, I'm honored. And excited. And I hardly have a clue as to what my position entails. And furthermore (lol), I'm worried that the residents here are either gonna really like me or really hate me.

Does this mean that from now on I have to be all nice and political in public?

Does this mean I'd better behave myself, especially since this is a very, very, small town?

The officials that appointed me obviously don't realize just what a smarty pants, goofball I am.

I just may have fooled them, for now.

I'm not sure.

But for now, I'm only gonna answer to 'Your Honor' or 'Madam Justice'.....'cause that's how I roll.


mofongoman said...

Congratulations! Madam Justice Honor-type Person or whatever?

Get rid of the campfire and don't even try to install a clothesline or your title changes to Madam Injustice Dishonor-type individual Marlboroughite!!!

QFil [pronounced 'kewful'

Looney Mom said...

Well I'm scared of you! LOL! Congrats Madam Justice. I feel so unworthy...

TheWriteJerry said...

"Madame Justice?" Sounds kind of kinky...