Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Here is a perfect example of how spoiled I truly am:

I’ve been drooling over a jacket I saw at a store last month. It’s not an ordinary jacket, it’s the most perfect jacket in the whole universe. And it’s a Coach. It’s the Bonnie Puffer Jacket for 2006, in black...with the fur collar and toggle clasps, all quilted and downy and such. A piece of fine art I tell you.

So for my birthday, after much not so subtle hint dropping, my wonderful family got together and pooled their hard earned cash to purchase the work of art jacket for my spoiled self. Except, the Coach store didn’t have it in stock anymore. Instead they gave me a hefty gift certificate from Coach so I can purchase it myself.

No problem; like I said, I’ve been drooling over the jacket all month, pulling up the picture on my computer at work and my laptop at home 200 times a day, imagining its warmth hugging my body.

So this morning, as soon as I got to work I went to look at it again and purchase it through Coach dot com. But it wasn’t there anymore. So I called the Coach company. They told me that they sold them all....except two...all over the world there are only two left! I didn’t bring the gift certificate to work with me so I couldn’t order it then.

Unless I go home during lunch and get my gift certificate and order it lickity-split, my dream jacket is just that....a dream. I’m not very optimistic about this. It was a nice fantasy though.

For the past four years a dear friend (who had gained some substantial weight) graciously lent me her blush white fox full length fur. She was able to fit back into her fur this year so I gave it back to her.....or she might have had to pry it out of my steel grip...either way, I don’t possess it anymore. The fur was warm and elegant and it made me feel beautiful and touchable during a time when my world was crashing down around me. Anyway you’d be surprised how elegant you can feel going food shopping in sweats and sneakers donning a full length fur. I might have slept on top of it a few times too, might have.

So maybe I did put too much importance on getting the 2006 Bonnie Puffer Jacket due to the fur's absence. But I can’t help but feel like having myself a good cry.....like a good spoiled brat should.

*****UPDATE!!!!! My daughter called, she found one by calling all over, in a Coach store, in my size. They were graceous enough to hold it aside until tonight when we go pick it up. It's quite a distance, but do-able. Do I have a great daughter or what?

Capt got me the cookware I've been eyeing, Rachael Ray's new orange set. They are so beautiful! I already used the skillet a few times and what a difference! I love these pots and pans! He also sent me 2 dozen red roses, cause he loves me.

My boys got me an electronic picture frame which shows hundreds of pictures on a screen and it is an MP3 player too. Love it!

My parents got me a pair of black cowboy boots. They are really nice boots that have to get broken in.

My office sent me a bouquet of edible fruit....yummy.

I got lots of calls, text messages and e-mails too.

Thanks everyone for making my birthday special, I love you all.


Morning Glory said...

I want to see the jacket when you put it on.

theresa said...

Oh yes, there will be pictures!

Lala's world said...

oh I can't wait to see it and I totally get how 1 luxury item makes a huge difference in how we feel! and I think your worth it!

MugwumpMom said...

Well, it seems I missed your birthday...I'm sorry!
Glad it was a nice one from the sounds of it...and lucrative too! LOL. Can't wait to see the jacket...here's a pic...you in the jacket, cooking up a storm with the new orange pots...
Have a great day

yerdoingitwrong said...

What an awesome birthday. Just goes to show how loved you are!! I'm glad you were spoiled. You deserve it!!

Looney Mom said...

You are too funny, T. I'm glad you got your jacket. Your daughter rocks! Heck, your whole family rocks. And Capt. is a real gem.

I sent you an email to your hotmail acct. I have 2 addresses for you. I wasn't which one to send it to. Ok, love ya.

Lala's world said...

um ....still waiting for the pics!

Anonymous said...

My hubby called me because I was going to buy a Coach bag for myself. I hadn't bought one in a few years. I am AMAZED at how quickly things disappear! I saw a bag in August, went back in September to check it out and I can't find it ANYWHERE! So husband saw me looking at some this month and tried to buy it for me but I didn't know how to tell him which one I wanted. I had no name or sku number or anything. I only knew it was almost $400 and even though we just bought the house, he was game so I thought I'd let him do it.

I'm still waiting.