Monday, December 18, 2006

The Coach Bonnie Puffer Jacket

Okay already people, here it is in all its glory:
(Mom took the pictures when I was leaving for work this morning, this one is of the inside, she insisted you all see the inside where all the Coach insignias are - but they didn't show up).

And here is the jacket on me (don't look at the messy kitchen, I can't keep up with all the housekeeping with my parents here - for a whole month!)


Lala's world said...

it is gorgeous and it looks so good on you!
my parents are coming on Sat....I can't wait!

Looney Mom said...

Aren't you all fashion diva! I'm scared of you! And shut up! What messy kitchen?!?! If you think that's messy you would die coming into my house!

jennster said...

ajacket that actually LOOKS cute! what is the world coming too?!?!?!

Morning Glory said...

Are you snappy-looking or what??? That's a gorgeous jacket and you look fabuloso in it.

Anonymous said...

I should take stock in Coach. I love them. I love your coat too! I need a new coat. Can I have yours? :-D