Tuesday, December 19, 2006


There are things about my job that I cannot share with anyone. Not that it's top secret, but I have a sick job. And anyway, if I talked about some of the things I do at my job, it would curl your hair, or straighten it, or it will fall out, or turn gray, or something drastic involving your hair....of this I am sure. Oh yeah, and there's that tiny confidentiality thing where I can't talk about my cases or the attorneys I work for could serve time in the slammer.

Many times I have to stand back and get a perspective of what I am actually doing for a living.

I became a paralegal because I wanted to use my brain. I wanted to 'assist' because I've always been someone who functions best when assisting rather than taking full charge of something. Also, my practical side decided that since my children's father was constantly dragging me to court I would save on attorney's fees if I became a paralegal; that certainly proved to be correct.

The thing is, I never imagined what it would be like in this position. The things I do are sometimes sneaky, backhanded and coldly calculated. Indeed, most of my job entails doing things that are wonderful and give me a sense of doing something right for the world, like showing parents how to better parent their children by getting over the hate and vengence aimed towards their co-parent. And whipping non-custodial parents into shape for falling behind in their child support....that's always fun.

This career of mine has enabled me to survive in one of the most expensive places in the United States, Long Island, New York while raising three children. And for that I am thankful.

And so, it is time. I must change careers. Being a matrimonial paralegal is sucking the ever-loving life out of me. And I'm finally at a stage in my life where it's about me and what's good for me...not just about survival. Moreover, 'busting up families' is a very strange career....especially for a Christian.

Since this has been weighing heavy on my heart for the past year or more, and even more so these past months, I'm going to start focusing on a new career this year - a really huge New Year's resolution.

And selling my big ole house.

And moving to Connecticut.

And purchasing a small house or condo in Connecticut.

And getting a job in my new career in Connecticut.

Yeah, 2007 is going to be a year of complete change and uprooting for me.

And I'm so excited.....and scared.


Looney Mom said...

I can't even imagine what all goes on with the people you see on a daily basis. I don't blame you one bit.

How awesome that you're making positive changes for yourself. You deserve it!

And speaking of changes... and not that it's any of my business, but enquiring minds want to know... any wedding bells for you in the near future... ahem. Sorry.

Anyway, my b-day May 9th - cuz you asked!

Morning Glory said...

Much, much good luck to you. It sounds like you really have a great plan in mind.

theresa said...

Liz: Wedding bells are in the future for Capt's kids, their mom is getting married in June, that's a big adjustment for them. There's 2 stepchildren marrying into the family as well. Those are the only wedding bells the kids need to hear for a while.

Dawn said...

That's a lot of change! Sounds like a very good idea. Just dealing with the step-parenting part of my daughter's life is enough to drive me crazy - can't imagine being involved every day all day long. Best wishes! And have a blessed Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Oh my! I understand. I used to work for Trilegiant Corporation a.k.a Cendant Corporation a.k.a CDC. These are the people who have clubs like ShoppersAdvantage and BuyersAdvantage and the like. They were recently featured in the news because they've been order to pay back a ton of money to people bilked by their marketing capabilities. We always thought it's a shame to bury that important info in the fineprint but these places do it all the time and I can say for a fact that the opt-out info and details ARE there. But was it done in a sneaky manner? Of course it was and no one felt like they were making a difference in the world. The longer I stayed, the more I needed to leave. Thank God I was able to.

I understand your need for change and your changes shall come. What joy is in store for you next year, huh?

By the way, welcome to Connecticut!