Sunday, December 10, 2006

I'm back.....for now

I really appreciate the "flack" I've been getting for not posting in awhile, thank you all, it makes me feel soooooo loved.

The reasons are many, and I'm in Connecticut today for a day of fun and getting away from the madness at home, so I'll just post the most important:

My 24 year old son, Tom, who is 6'3" (when he doesn't slouch - I'm such a Jewish Mother) and is very thin to begin with, became one of those unfortunate people who ate at Taco Bell last week and suffered through the horrific e-coli contamination. I had to get Tom to the hospital at one point to get him re-hydrated. They gave him some morphine for the pain too. It was scary. Even when your children are as old as mine are, you still have those same "mommy" feelings as if they are still your babies. Now that it is over (as of yesterday morning) he is so thin that he looks like he was in a prison camp, or worse. Anyone with any ideas on how to fatten him up quick? He did eat a bagel with eggs, cheese and bacon yesterday....about 1200 calories.

My parents are up from South Carolina for the month. They have been a great help with all the craziness going around. I am showing Dad how the South Beach Diet works and making him the meals since he is at the most he's ever weighed and his heart doctor wants him to lose some.

My 26 year old son had one of his plays produced in White Plains, called "Stress Fracture". He worked hard on the play and it showed. I don't think I've ever been more proud of him.

I am putting my house on the market again in January. This time I am fixing everything that needs to get fixed. Since the market is flooded, no buyer wants to purchase a house that needs work. So had the upstairs bathroom remodeled (I did a lot of the work myself and saved tons of money, and babysat/house sat until yesterday in exchange....that was time consuming)

And Christmas time is here and I'm not prepared. I put the tree up yesterday while my daughter and Dad painted one of the bedrooms. Mom and I went shopping at 7am and got some stuff done. While there I bought myself a new handbag for my BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!! I will be 35 again, that's what I'm sayin' if asked.

That's pretty much what's been going on in my life since Thanksgiving.

Life gets busy at times for us all, priorities shift, we bend, adjust, adapt, all in all its all good.

Now, I've got to start getting ready for church and then......THE NUTCRACKER SUITE with PookieBear.

Have a great Sunday!


Looney Mom said...

That's horrible about your son; poor guy. Thank God he's on the mend. I wish I had the problem of needing to be "fattened" up. What a heifer.

Anyway, how cool that Ma and Pa are there to help out. And you already know that if I could I would trade you houses in a heartbeat.

Glad you could stop and update us. Take care and have fun on your birthday. 35, huh? Just one year older than me? Ha ha. You wish. LOL. But you know I love you.

yerdoingitwrong said...

Happy Birthday to you tomorrow!! Enjoy your day. And I'm so glad to hear that your son is alright.

Dawn said...

Wow, I hadn't heard about the Taco Bell fiasco. That's so scary. My husband had e-coli infection, has no idea how he got it, and was fortunate to catch it really early. Really scary.

Good to hear from you - stay sane! Happy Birthday! Have fun with your parents!

Lala's world said...

good to have you back! wow I am so glad your son is ok, I got ecoli when I was in Kenya..not fun! sounds like you are 1 busy lady! hope you have a blast and happy birthday... you don't look a day over 34!!!