Friday, May 19, 2006

Tag, you're it

I AM big on the inside even though I am a petite 5'2" hot chick.

I SAID this, "ADULTERY - A HUGE PRICE TO PAY FOR A CHEAP THRILL" because it happened to me and I'm a matrimonial paralegal. I see its destruction every day.

I WANT to be married and live happily ever after.

I WISH I had a ring on my finger like all my friends.

I HATE being single and dating, especially long distance dating.

I MISS being part of a couple.

I FEAR jack-in-the boxes, they just POP out unexpectedly while you are happily turning the crank, listening to music. They are just creepy clowns. Why would anyone think they are a good toy for a child? And the anticipation of it springing out just raises my blood pressure and hurts my head. It is a sick, sick toy. Yeah, I know, I'm a wacko.

I HEAR what children are really trying to say. I've always understood children.

I REGRET not being able to make my marriage work.

I AM NOT as naive as I let people to think.

I DANCE only slow, romantic dances. But I'm constantly dancing wildly in my head like those IPod commercials.

I SING in church, cause I don't really have a good voice, but God only hears my heart so it doesn't matter to Him.

I AM NOT ALWAYS honest with my feelings, I try to please people too much, but I'm working on it.

I MADE wonderful lives for my children. I made a good life for myself too.

I CONFUSE simple math. I can't even figure out how much change I'm supposed to get back.

I NEED a calculator at all times.

I SHOULD learn a foreign language; I've always wanted to. But I really should learn how to use this blog correctly.

I START my new SUV with a remote. It's really cool.

I BELIEVE that the bible is the living word of God.

I KNOW everything about divorce and family law. I wish I didn't because it's depressing.

I CAN squirt water out of my mouth by arching my tongue.

I CAN'T blow up balloons because when I had my twins (7 lbs and 5lbs 15oz and I weighed 75 lbs) I wrecked my diaphragm. I also can't do a sit up or yell loudly.

I SEE the beauty in everything, including the worst of things.

I BLOG because it's new to me and it makes me smile to read these fascinating women like CityMama and RockstarMommy. Sorry, I don't know how to link yet....if that's the right phrase.

I READ the best sellers because I want to feel connected to people and experience the same things they do.

I AM AROUSED BY being kissed gently on the neck and hugged from behind while I'm doing the dishes.

IT PISSES ME OFF when I let myself be a doormat.

I FIND that the creases I get on my face from my pillow at night take longer and longer to go away during the day.

I LIKE popcorn. Sometimes I rent a DVD and go to a theater, buy a bucket of popcorn with butter and go home to watch the movie in my bed eating all the popcorn by myself.

I LOVE myself. And trees, especially White Birch trees. I love art too.


MugwumpMom said...

wow, I really enjoyed reading this. glad you're blogging...I started almost a month's addicting!! I also don't know how to link but you're blogsite is written down - and with ink, mind you - in my little blogger book


MugwumpMom said...

Ok, now I'm in tears! I'm sorry to hear what you went through, and I totally know what you mean when you say you wouldn't trade the heart break for anything...and it's hard to explain to others,isn't it? Getting to know you is going to be an honour...and fun...I can tell!


Praying for your Prodigal said...

WElcome to blogging! I am excited to read your Meme list--I have been tagged and am just now starting my own version of this! Yikes! It's thought provoking!

I've saved your blog site--I'll visit again!

The link thing isn't hard...but you do have to go into your template and add others. It's a cut and paste sort of thing.

Welcome again!


Yellow Mama said...

Hey girl,

I'm a 5 foot 1 inch petite chic too!

I'm a perpetual optimist who hates it when I act like a pessimist. I too have just recently started blogging. Actually I started, then quit for a month, but am back at it full swing now!

How cool to be a lawyer. Do you have a "lawyer" story you can relate where your input changed the situation to a +?

Enjoy reading your blog...Way out in Texas

Looney Mom said...

Cool list!

Monica said...

That jack in the box one had me stifling a laugh - I'm at work right now - because it's very true about knowing what's coming and getting a headache from it! Funny! I hate clowns. Something about them hiding their real identities, I think. You just don't know what's going on behind those eyes. They are worst than people in costume because at least with those you can stare at the outside and just keep your focus there. But clowns? The eyes, man. Gotta watch the eyes!