Sunday, May 28, 2006

Happy Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and I’m in Connecticut visiting Capt and the kids. So far, we're having a blast and I am remaining calm, no eye twitches or ticks.....yet. It is good to see my dog, Kage again even though Capt changed his food and he (the dog) has a huge gas problem. It’s really hard to breathe in the house now and yesterday the kids had to run out of the house holding their noses.

The seeds I planted for their garden have grown into good size plants, I’m amazed Capt remembered to water them these past 3 weeks. Maybe since I left them on his kitchen counter right next to the sink had something to do with it. On Friday, Boy and I dug a spot in the backyard, in the rain, and my hair got all poofy, I did spend hours getting it just right before I left for my 3 hour drive, but what the heck, we had fun.

Yesterday we planted the cucumbers and string beans, I'm going to post a few pictures later when Capt wakes up and shows me how to to it. These children eat like 1,000 cucumbers a day, all year round, so I thought I’d grow them in the yard so they could just go outside and pick them from the vine instead of Capt having to drive to the store for them. This town is microscopic, I’m not kidding, one traffic light, no supermarket.....just mountains and lakes....I love it here. So lets see if Capt and the kids can remember to water them. I planted them them near his garage so when Capt washes his car, which he does a lot, he can just aim a squirt at the veggie plants.

Ever since I've known Capt, I've been asking him to buy a picnic table for his huge backyard. There isn't a place to sit outside and his backyard is beautiful. I love to sit outside and read in the morning, or have dinner outside. Well, yesterday when we drove like 150 miles to get to the nearest Home Depot for some topsoil for the garden, he bought a picnic table. And when it's put together, I'm gonna sit my fat butt out there and enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend. Hope you are too!


MugwumpMom said...

glad to hear you're enjoying your long travels home.


Monica said...

Well, that cuts it for me. I just added you to my list of blogs to read on my blog!:-)