Sunday, May 21, 2006

My weekend

My boyfriend, Capt, came out from Connecticut to visit me this weekend. He helped me get my house ready for today’s open house. (My realtor had a public showing today, ugh I don’t want to talk about it yet). Capt is a single dad of two beautiful (inside and out) children. PookieBear is 10. She is EXTREMELY close to her dad, did I say, "EXTREMELY" loud enough? She must have a very high IQ, though I’ve never asked. She has an advanced comprehension level and the stuff that comes out of her mouth sometimes is scary because you expect a grown up to understand what she understands both intellectually and emotionally. Well, I could go on and on about PookieBear, but that’s another entry on my blog. I just plain out and out love her to pieces.

Capt’s son, "Boy" (He is the epitome of a boy, so there is no other alias that even comes close) is 8. Boy is the most loving, good-hearted child I’ve ever known. There isn’t a mean bone in his cute, adorable, very muscular body. Boy suffers from ADHD, he is frustrated by it. Capt is constantly adapting, learning, encouraging, on top of, underneath, hovering about and loving all over Boy. Capt and his former wife, whom I like very much, share custody of their children on an approximate 70/30 percent basis. Capt enjoying the children on the 70% time. I have to give them both credit, they make the co-parenting work on a daily basis, sometimes hourly basis, heck, sometimes minute to minute basis.

Well, I’d like to devote today’s blog to a few of the many reasons why I love Capt so much:

1. He puts his children first, always, no matter what. I admire that. He is the best father I’ve ever seen. Devoted.

2. He treats me like the princess I am. He really does. Because he does the little things as well as the big things to make me happy. For instance, when I drive out to see him (157 miles away) he makes sure that he has lemons in his fridge (I get kidney stones if I don’t have lemon in my diet every day). He gets my favorite yogurt and cashews for me to snack on. And, he buys me bottled water to drink because he knows that I don’t care for tap water. Well, I just don’t drink tap water at all, and his tap water comes from a well across the street, down yonder. He lives in the boondocks. What really gets me is that he knows that even though I’m a morning person, I can’t fully wake up without a couple of sips of Pepsi with lots of ice. Capt makes sure he has a bottle of Pepsi and some fresh ice for me every time I come out to see him. He sends me flowers at my office (isn’t that where it counts ladies?) And he opens the car door for me. I could go on and on. Oh, yeah, he bought me my laptop for our one year anniversary, I don’t know how I survived without it.

3. He is a man of integrity. I’ve never seen him bitter, even though he deserves to be. I’ve never seen him angry. He always does the right thing. The community where he lives respects him, I see it when they are with him. He coaches basketball for the kids in the community.

4. Even though he’s not as available as other boyfriend’s might be (see #1 above and the fact that we live in different states), when we are together I have the easiest time with him. It is so peaceful, so right, and just so easy to be with him and his children. Well, except for the times when we are running from event to event with PookieBear and Boy. After 10 hours of visiting the animal shelter, then miniature golf, then batting cage, then tennis, then lunch, then park, then basketball, then "hey, lets make homemade chocolate chip cookies Theresa"...(I’m not kidding, really, there’s even more that he might fit into a typical day) I start to get a twitch in my eye, then a tick that starts in the corner of my mouth, then to my shoulders. That’s the only time when it gets hard for me, but I’m learning see the warnings of being too overwhelmed and am going to try to take a time out next time before I start getting my tick. But in all fairness, he really packs a lot of events into a day with the kids.

5. He’s also there for his widowed dad whenever he needs him. He is a great support to him. I admire that.

So, that’s my boyfriend. We met on an online dating site. My friends say they’ve never seen me so happy. Oh, did I mention he’s gorgeous too? He left my house a little while ago and took my dog Kage (4 year old boxer) with him for the week ‘cause he loves my dog. I’m going out there to see him next weekend and I can’t wait.


MugwumpMom said...

sounds like you got yourself a gem!

theresa said...

Yes I do. And all gems are created by pressure. I love this; I read it in a Smith Wigglesworth book: "Only melted gold is minted, only moisten clay is molded, only soften way receives the mold, only broken, contrite hearts receive the mark as the Potter turns us on His wheel. "

Doesn't it seem like the people in our lives that go through such heartache and adversity are the people that turn out to be the ones with the most character and good qualities? From what I've read on your sites, you seem like that type of woman.

MugwumpMom said...

...and only squeezed grapes make fine wine that gets poured out like an offering to His glory and only squished olives make oil that God uses to heal others....You are so right!!

Wanted to thank you for taking the time to read my testimony. Your comments encourage me to keep going with it..

Hope all your dreams come true concerning your gem!


Looney Mom said...

I was blog-hopping and here I am.

That's great. I have a wonderful man and he loves me more than I deserve for sure. Take good care of him and never take him for granted.

Come by and visit me any time!

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theresa said...

thanks for visiting me. I saw that you visited Liz' site too, isn't she amazing? I enjoy reading your entries too.

Monica said...

Sounds like peace, Theresa. I realized with my husband that no matter how many annoying habits a man may have, if he feels like "home" to you (and you know you aren't delusion and blind to major, relationship-ending faults in people) then you just gotta move in. Enjoy him.