Monday, March 02, 2009

The Time is Here

There is about 2 1/2 feet of snow that fell last night and it is still falling full force. The kids are sounds asleep upstairs and have no idea yet that school is closed. There is no way I'm heading out to work, the roads aren't plowed yet. I would imagine that the courts are closed anyway. A day to sit by the fire and relax is just what we all could use.

Yesterday I posted about visiting a new church. I have been looking for specific things in my search for a church here in Connecticut. It's not like there is anything wrong with any of the churches that I've been to this past year, it's just that I feel the place for me is in a church that fits these qualifications:

Worship - the worship team should, at the least, have smiles on their faces while leading worship. I love worship, I feel that it sets the tone for the service and helps me enter into God's presence. The worship team is leading us into God's presence, we are all singing to God. When I worship I have an image of God in front of me, I can't help but smile and get excited, so when the worship team is looking like they wished they were back in bed, it is distracting to me.

Music - I like Christian music. I come Christian City Church where music is...well...the most awesome experience...indescribable. Old hymns are wonderful once in a while, they pierce my heart and can melt me into a pool of butter where I stand, but I just can't get all excited when I'm signing hymns throughout worship. ..except if I'm singing "How Great Thou Art"....that one gives me goosebumps every time.

Congregation - It is nice to have a mix of types of people, mix of different generations, mix of backgrounds. I love when the congregation is made up of some really cool and updated,in the world type people...people that can relate to current events, fashion and what is going on in the world today. Some of the churches in this small town are made up of only people who dress plainly, do not wear make-up and have strict rules which separate them from the non-saved. That is fine for them, but not where God wants me.

Pastor - I like a pastor to be laid back, upbeat, comfortable, not too dramatic or theatrical and, most importantly in tune with the Holy Spirit. I don't put all of my confidence or trust into pastors because they are just humans like us and not our God, but the person that is spiritually feeding and leading me every Sunday should be someone that I feel isn't "way out there"; he should be right where we are in life, able to relate to us and our struggles. I've been to churches were it seems the pastor is too above us all and is too busy taking his private jet to the tropics than to sit down to share a meal with us. And I've been to churches where the pastor seems to be in a poverty mentality.

I want a church that loves the community, that has a heart for the unsaved, that accepts sinners with an open heart and does not judge but gently leads us all to forgiveness. I want to go to a church that is filled with sinners like me.

Christian City Church was the church my children grew up in, it was the church that I felt was my family. I haven't experienced that in a long time.

Yesterday I visited Hope Church and it feels right, it feels like I've found a home again. All the things I am looking for seem to be there.

And I am start to finally feel settled.

How do you feel about church?


Dawn said...

Church is my other home. I am a p.k, so was always the first bunch there and the last to leave. The church I have been in here for over 36 years is one my dad pastored, I was married here, my kids were dedicated here, they were married here. It has had many ups and downs, but we have stuck with it through thick and thin. Pastors come and go, but the church must remain. We are old-fashioned in the sense that we love the hymns (we have a "contemporary" service, but we love to sing in choir - it is our small group and where we grow. We also have a wonderful SS class. Our pastor is godly, Bible-preaching, but near retirement age. It is scary to think of the many changes that could happen when he retires. But I know God has a plan.

Enjoy the snow day - and send a little out here (not that much!)

Auntie, aka cagny said...

Good morning,YewNork,
I have mixed feelings about church. I am Lutheran, and I want to participate. But I have not yet found one I feel at home with.
Also, my BF will not attend his Catholic church.
I would very much like to take his young grandson with me. Maybe I will bring him to a nearby Catholic church. At least the little guy will get to church.

Wow, you got a lot of snow!!!
I think we got 10 inches here...

Blogalicious Designs said...

wish we had snow days :(

I sing at my church, i cant attend anywhere if the worship isntup to par.

Nadine said...

I was in NY and our plane took off before all the snow.

It's good to find a church you can call home. A place where you feel you can grow and be a part of what God is doing. A place that not only reaches in but reaches out.

Lala's world said...

I grew up in a church where family is the very essence of the foundation, that is what I have looked for since then and only what we will settle for, the worship may not be perfect always, the programs may not be there but there has to be a sense of family, that is what I believe His whole desire was when He created the earth. It's all about relationship.

RR Mama said...

Glad you think you found a church home! I love going to church. We recently just got a new pastor and I love him. I also think music is a big part of worship. I love listening to old hymns mix with more up beat todays Christian music. Thank goodness my church has that perfect mix going. Lucky got a snow day...what I wouldn't give for one right now.

calista said...

Hey, found you on Bigmama's clicked over. I read your comment about Jon and Kate and how you wanted to hit her for talking so mean to him. I thought I WAS the ONLY one who felt this way. I watched my first full episode last night and was shocked that he was actually talking crazy to her too. How these people remain together is a mystery to me??

The Farmer Files said...

Hey there,

I do not enjoy church shopping each time we move. It is like trying out a new family and seeing if it is the right fit. So we are church shopping, and I wish we were already plugged in. Even my 4 year old is ready to be settled.

eda said...