Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Secret Life of Yew Nork Babe's House

What ever this plague going around is, it has clearly wiped me out. At least this morning I feel like the fever is gone and I can think clearly...well somewhat clearly...I never truly think clearly.

Last night the season finale of The Secret Life of the American Teenager aired. If you heard about the show then you probably don't have a teenager. Or you may shield them from that type of show. In the past, when my children were teenagers, I would have not allowed them to watch it, but I was a strict parent and kept my children protected from a lot of worldly things.

Now that I am a step-parent to a teenage girl who is not being raised in a sheltered way, I see that it both ways has its benefits, neither is wrong, both are right. Although, my children are on the fence about that.

The Secret Life deals with teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, Christianity and other real life issues. The way these issues are portrayed are real and relevant to today's times.

The part I love the most: The character's personalities are portrayed in a transparent way. The attitudes, the brattiness, the hormones, the motives...it's all there.

Monday nights are our family night. We have a family meeting, talk about issues we may have, offer up suggestions to make our family run smoother, and comment on our week in general. We then play board games until The Secret Life comes on.

As the show progresses we discuss or comment on the motives of the characters. And I think it is a good thing. And I think that the show has opened the eyes of hundreds of thousands of teenagers and in turn will protect them from many heartbreaks. (An example: Why did Amy go all the way at band camp? Because she was feeling insecure and was being pressured and bamboozled by the most popular, silver-tongued guy that all the cool girls wanted to date. The outcome: being pregnant at 15 and having your whole life turned upside down.)

Pookie has learned a great deal from the show and has used it to understand some of the issues that surround her.

My husband is an excellent father and may be raising his children differently than I did mine, but I am learning from him that love and communication is the most important aspect of raising children in these times.

But one thing is for certain, even though I don't have much say in how my step-children are being raised, I adamantly put my foot down about this: NO ONE, REPEAT, NO ONE IS EVER GOING TO BAND CAMP IN THIS HOUSE!!!!


Dawn said...

I have seen it being talked about on talk shows as I exercise in the early morning at the gym (trying to read the prompter across the bottom and not fall off the machine!), but have no teens, so haven't watched it. Sounds like a good discussion-creator. I did read something yesterday on MSN home page news about someone who writes the show. Can't remember who.

I would have protected my kids from it, too, most likely, but my kids had to try everything that we had tried to protect them from. I love that you are serious about your Monday nights together.

Nadine said...

It's great that you can come to agreement with your hubby such things. I agree - my kids would not have watched it, but discussing it is good. Getting good lessons from it is also good - what not to do helps sometimes. Thanks for sharing.

Sue said...

We don't get ABC Family at home in Canada, but we saw that show last summer while at the beach in NC and really enjoyed it, even though we don't have kids ;-) When we got home to Canada, last Fall they aired it on a local station so I was able to watch it but for the 2nd season that just ended last night, the local station didn't air it so I had to watch that on YouTube.

I think it's a great show that deals with the issues and like you said, gets dialogue going. I think the creator of the show is the lady Brenda Hampton who made 7th Heaven. How wonderful for your family to have that special Monday night together to bond! Blessings to you ;-)

RR Mama said...

I think it's great that you spend time as a family and talk. Not to many people I know do this any more. One thing we do is sit down at the dinner every night during the week. We eat dinner as a family and discuss what's going on. And while at times it might be hard to because of activities I'm glad we make the effort.

RR Mama said...

I think it's great that you spend time as a family and talk. Not to many people I know do this any more. One thing we do is sit down at the dinner every night during the week. We eat dinner as a family and discuss what's going on. And while at times it might be hard to because of activities I'm glad we make the effort.

midlife slices said...

I thought I was the only adult watching that show. I can't miss it and I try to make ST sit and watch but I think it embarrasses him so he feigns non interest. It's a great teaching tool and I like how "Amy" gives the little speech at the end of each show about talking to your teen about sex.

On another note, why are those new born babies always so darn big and are their feet always sticking out of the blankets?? Can't they find big enough receiving blankets for the giant newborn? LOL

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I've never seen the show since we left our TV in Columbus when we moved from there 24 years ago. It's great that you have an open line of communucation with your kids.
My high school band camp was a four day overnighter. My kid's band camp was four days of practice until 3PM. No overnights.
Besides, I had "the shovel" (see recent post).

Suzanne said...

I love that you guys watch this together... what a great example! I've not seen the show, but I hope that we are just as open with our children!

Lala's world said...

I think the fact that you talked to the kids at all about anything gives you a leg up! I honestly am starting to believe that is not so much what they watch or don't watch but what we communicate with them that is the most important!

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Anonymous said...

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