Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Scrabble Queen

Last night when my 13 year old step-daughter and I went "grocery" shopping, she told me that she thinks I'm so cool and that she wants to be like me when she grows up.

She also thinks that I'm the biggest nerd ev' she puts it.

Last night while we were driving through a snowstorm to, you know, get some of that delicious Dairy Queen otherwise known as "grocery" shopping, I got a call on my cellphone.

Someone had a Scrabble question and needed the answer right away.

My Scrabble days started 20 years ago when I was dating Todd. He was a Scrabble player extraordinaire and tried to teach me how to play, but I just couldn't get it. He was often frustrated and bored when we played. He threw down tiles that gained him high points and I spelled words like boy and duck, if I was lucky.

Then one day I got an idea.

I went to the local book store and found a book on how to win at Scrabble. I read it that day and learned many valuable strategies to playing a winning game. I also memorized all the two letter words in the English language, a big plus for a Scrabble player.

That night when he offered to play another tedious game of Scrabble with me. I obliged and played like the winner I had read about. (Todd didn't know about the book.)

Imagine his shock when I rack balanced, bonus worded and I used two letter words like 'aa' and 'ae' to attach to other words to maximize my points. I think I scored in the 400's that night.

And I think he turned pale and almost passed out.

One of the things I learned in the book was to use words like 'faqir' that your opponent might not know so he or she would challenge them. Then after a few losing challenges where they skip a turn they stop challenging you and then you can use words that aren't really words and no one is the wiser.

Some call it cheating, I call it strategy. Hey, I learned it from pros who wrote the book.

Needless to say, no one likes to play with me. Except last weekend my sister's boyfriend played with me and got really frustrated at my 'strategy' and quit playing.

But it was my son, David, who finally put it all into perspective for me when he asked, "Mom, would you play flag football with someone who tackles you all the time?"


But still, Pookie thinks it's really cool that I get phone calls about Scrabble. I even think she was more tickled about that than having her poor, exhausted, step-mother drive 38 miles through a snowstorm to get her an ice cream cone.


Auntie, aka cagny said...

Hi YN Babe,
I totally can relate to that Dairy Queen scene. Been there, done that. haha
And I used to to be champion Scrabble player too (before I met my current BF).
BF gets flustered with Scrabble and Boggle and backgammon. So I now play with some of my students during lunch at school.
You and Hubbs are lucky to be able to play competively.

Nadine said...

Oh that's so great. I would love to read that book. I'm not great at Scrabble.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

My wife doesn't play board games with me anymore. My brother taught me to play most everything, and his rules were, you don't just win, you win big. I guess that was programmed into my hard drive. I'm trying to be better while teaching our grandson how to play games. Maybe he's teaching me something too.
BTW- I scored some major points with a good placement of "cayuse". My wife challenged. She wasn't happy with the result.

Theresa said...

I grew up playing Scrabble, Yahtzee, Dominos, and other games like that. I love to play games. I enjoy the family time. I HATE being taken to the cleaners. Our family policy (as I grew up) was to ease up once you had a good lead. No need to throttle the other players' egos.

RR Mama said...

I need that book. Hubs kicks my butt every time we play. But I guess turn about is fair play, I always win at Uno.

The Farmer Files said...

LOL on the book...if I could have been a fly on your boyfriend's college wall. Did you ever tell him about the book?

Emily said...

There's a book?! This information has changed my life. I never play Scrabble because my 10 and 12 year old daughters can beat my socks off and that is a little bit irritating. But, now, I'm going to read this book...and TACKLE them!

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