Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why I'm So Happy:

A few days ago my friend Merrily over at Life is But a Dream tagged me for a photo meme.

The problem is that most of the photos on my computer, like 99.9% of them, are of Pookie and/or her girlfriends doing the 'kiss' pose at the camera. Anyone who has a teenager knows that pose. I think standing in front of a camera making pouty lips with your girlfriends....or a prerequisite for turning 13.

Unfortunately, my husband doesn't like me to post pictures of his children, although I've gotten away with it a few times for special occasions.

So I've picked my favorite photo of our recent wedding:

Capt and I had been dancing our first dance together for about 4 minutes, Pookie and her best friend were up on the landing of the stairway singing 'our song'. He had just mumbled something funny under his breath to me and leaned back to give the photographer a 'let's ham it up now' smile.

And I'm thinking, "Can I be any happier?"

These past seven months have proved that I can be.

Everyday something new happens. Everyday I'm happy that he married me. Every night we kiss goodnight and say, "I love you, thank you for marrying me."

Even the days when he does something stupid, like this past week when he tried to help me with my delicate laundry, I still am happy.

He gets the delicate load in the washer and at the last minute before turning on the wash sees the dog's dirty, fur-filled blanket on the floor and decides that it could use a washing too. Yes, he threw it in with my delicate load. When I come home he has already washed and dried (-IN THE DRYER-) the load three times because all the fur wouldn't come off.

Yet, I'm still happy.

And a few days ago when he broke the tip off of my favorite high-end parring knife and put it back in the drawer because he used it to pry off the top of his son's travel mug even though I had previously told him the mug simply unscrews and doesn't pop off.

Yet, I'm still happy.

Or how the blanket on our bed seems to make its way over to his side every night and when I ask him to please stop hogging it he tells me to stop letting it move over to his side.

And yet, I'm still happy.

Or when since our wedding day when I am looking for Tupperware to put leftovers in and he just stands there with a blank look on his face appearing to wonder with me where it all disappears to because I keep buying containers and lids and they mysteriously disappear. Then one day last week he comes home with a gigantic garbage bag filled with my Tupperware and dumps it on the kitchen floor. He had been taking it to work and leaving it there for seven months. It took 3 loads in the dishwasher to fit them in to clean them and I can't even fit them all in my cabinets anymore.

And yet, I am still happy.

I could go on and on with the reasons why I love him.... how he makes my body tingle when I see him walking towards when I look into his big brown eyes I when he touches me he can bring me back from a stressful day....but I won't, happily I've got a lifetime for that.

If you'd like to be tagged for this meme, tag, you're it.


Theresa said...

What a sweet post! AND I soooo understand those "Even when" statements. My hubby hasn't thrown delicates into the dryer in a LONG time, but I do have a red wool sweater that is looking for a munchkin, now.

Linds said...

I just love the fact that you are so happy, and so aware of how blessed you are, Theresa. It makes me smile!

Dawn said...

What a fun post! I love it. So what is "your song?" Are you incredibly short o is he incredibly tall? Or both??

I love all the stories, but especially the Tupperware one. Were the containers still all full of old, gross food??

And the one about the dog hair - oh, my word!

I am so happy that you are so happy. Truly.

Dawn said...

PS - I did the photo meme a couple of days ago.

Theresa said...

Dawn, I am very short and he is very tall. The Tupperware containers were clean, but of course, I had to sanitize them in the dishwasher....that's just me and my OCD tendencies at work.

And '0ur' song is Rascal Flats, God Bless the Broken Road.

nancygrayce said...

Ah, sweet picture. I know exactly what you mean about yes, I still love him. He is, after all, my favorite husband! :)

Merrily Down the Stream said...

Hi Girly
Nice job - I am fighting a sinus infection and having MAJOR tech problems but other than that...
Thanks for checking

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