Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Golden Slippers

Money had been very tight around here this past year starting with me losing the job I relocated here for, and continuing with working two part-time jobs, which total in weekly earnings what I used to earn in a few hours. Not true, but it feels close to being true.

Gone are the days when I would throw down hundreds of dollars a month on face products to keep me youthful looking.

Gone are the days of facials and massages.

Gone are the days when I would walk into a high-end clothing store and sidle up to a saleswoman and ask her to please pick out about $1,000 worth of clothes for me while I wait in the dressing room because I hate shopping and have no clue what looks good on me and I know you have skills since you work here.

Yes, I used to do that twice a year.

That's how I used to roll.

And I don't even miss it because I'm happy and I love my new life.

Needless to say, my husband has had to take over the majority of my expenses. He has sacrificed so much to marry me. I am no longer the financially independent woman I was when he met me. He's really been a trooper. He's had to sacrifice more than I can say.

I know that he appreciates the skills I have that cut our spending, make ends meet and keep the bills at a minimum.

So Sunday when I told him that I purchased a new pair of slippers that cost $100 he looked like he was going to lose it for a second. And he never loses it.

You see, for a wedding present a girlfriend of mine from Long Island, who couldn't make the wedding, sent us a gift card to Saks Fifth Avenue in the amount of $100.00. Around these here parts of the wilderness, there is no Saks. She has no clue as to my new life here. We once had tea together at The Plaza in New York City....$90.00 for two cups of tea....and I don't even drink tea.

Anyway, for the past 7 months I've been looking on Saks online and trying to spend the gift card, but there are only a few items for under $100 and they just don't seem worth it, i.e., a bottle of Juicy Couture perfume. No thanks.

And lest you think I'm all about me, there isn't even anything for men that looks interesting for under $100.

In the past I would have added my own money to the gift card and presto a new blouse. But I carefully watch our budget and there is no room for unnecessary purchases.

Capt trusts me with our money and that means a lot to me.

So, on Sunday I received an advertisement via email from Saks showing slippers for $80. "Maybe, just maybe, I could get away with this.", I thought. And I looked. And I purchased. And if I had them sent via overnight the total cost would be $99.98. YES, SCORE !!!!

I needed a pair of slippers and I had mentioned to Capt that I was thinking about going to Target and getting myself a pair, if they were on sale.

A few seconds after I told Capt that I purchased slippers for $100, I told him that I finally used the gift card that I was wracking my brain over and he looked instantly relieved.

Now I am the proud owner of the most awesome slippers ever invented. I feel like I am walking on a cloud:

They're Uggs. Yeah.


Dawn said...

That is quite a life change for you, but from your post yesterday, happiness is in your "voice". I love it that you were able to find something from Saks to spend your gift card on - I hope your friend can come visit you someday!

The slippers look heavenly!

nancygrayce said...

I know those slippers have to be comfy! I wouldn't buy a pair for myself, but I bought Ugg boots for my granddaughter. I wear Target flip flops around here! :) Enjoy.

And you do seem so very happy!

Auntie, aka cagny said...

Three of my own friends have lost their jobs since September. They have all found new jobs, but at much lower pay.

The economy will correct itself soon.

I don't know if you're old enough to remember the recession of the mid 70's, but we made it through that.

You will make it through these bad times too.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and Hubbs. You're lucky to have each other.

Lala's world said...

$90 for tea!!! that is unreal!

Dawn said...

Happy Valentine's Day - come on over for a greeting from the Valentine Capital of the World!

Monica said...

And they look oh so comfy! For some of us, the chance to really treat ourselves to something that costs at least 3 digits just doesn't come along often enough. I only do it right now for my birthday and/or when I get bonuses at work and since those times are close together it is usually one or the other. This blessed bonus I bought a $150 bracelet I've wanted for a year and I didn't think twice about a bill I could have paid off. You just gotta do it sometimes to remember part of the reason why you're sacrificing it all in the first place. We're worth it. ;-)

The Farmer Files said...

Yup, and Cinderella even had herself some fancy slippers!

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